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Friday, 13 April 2018

Friday Workbench 13 April

As I had a "finished" post on Wednesday, my midweek "workbench post had to be put back until today.

I got the painting of the chariot horses finished yesterday evening (I was out most of the day - birthday lunch with my brother and sister), but the varnishing had to wait until this morning.

After doing some chores, I made a start on the chariots and the ox-cart. And would you believe it, I finished painting them. They just need a coat of Klear (no ink!) and varnishing.

With the chariots out of the way, I have made a start on the crew figures and the oxen for the cart. I'll probably manage to get a little bit more done later this evening, but I don't expect to finish them until Sunday.

I was going to do the oxen white, but I quite like the colour they've come out after the wash, so I might just stick with that.


Of course, tomorrow is the biggie and I'll be up early to head down to the ExCel for Salute. I've got my shopping list, my ticket and the email confirmation of my Eureka pre-order.

Hopefully I'll see some of you there, at the bloggers' meetup (12.30pm - see my post from earlier this week for location) or around and about during the day.


  1. Great! Are you doing the reins for the chariots or being sensible and just sticking the guys in the buggies?

    1. I'm being sensible for now - I might add reins later if I feel loony enough :)