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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Sunday Workbench 08 April

Did I say that I'd finish painting the second batch of "retinue warriors" by the weekend? Oh well, best laid plans and all that. As it happens, I got rather distracted by Gaslands and have spent a fair bit of time watching YouTube vids, downloading files and printing things out.

And that, I must confess, is why I have only just finished painting and varnishing them today. I'm sure you'll agree that the wait was worthwhile:

I'll be starting work on the third batch for the "retinue warriors" (officers, standard bearers, musicians) tonight.

Once the "retinue warriors" are done, that just leaves this little lot to paint:

As I'm on leave this week, I think I should get a fair way to finishing this army before I have to go back to work.

For Gaslands I'm going to need some terrain and what better than a load of shipping containers. So I decided to have a go at building some out of foamboard. And made a few mistakes. Such as cocking up measurements, not thinking about how to "frame things...

Having thought I'd learnt lessons from the first set, I then proceeded to make a second set. And cocked up on the measurements and framing again, just not quite as badly.

And then I made a third set, this time of the short 20 foot containers. The measurements were right this time, but I did mess up on the framing again.

I had a go at adding some plasticard strip framing for one of them:

What a faff that was. I think if I ever make any in future I'll have to come up with some other way of framing them - maybe a card fold-around?

Anyway, with those mistakes made (and soon to go in the bin)I thought I'd take a look to see if anybody on the Gaslands group on Facebook has done any paper terrain files. And they had. A few downloads, a bit of printing and cutting later and I have twelve short shipping containers ready to use.

To limit the bulk for transporting to the club, I opted not to glue them at this point. However they are a bit light and there's no way to fix them in place so I cut some suitably sized pieces of foamboard to insert in the bottoms:

Foamboard inserted
Container unfolded for transport

I also printed and cut out some gates for one of the scenarios:

Again, these aren't glued.

I did print a set of templates and tokens out on card instead of paper, then got them all cut out:

If we decide that we do like the game, then I might invest in some acrylic templates and tokens.

And a shot of all the "terrain" I've worked on this weekend, when I should have been painting figures:


Edit: - Just spotted that this is my eleventy-eleventh post!


  1. I do like the containers Tamsin!

  2. Happy anniversary??? Tamsin, the Philibusters look excellent too!

  3. Another great batch of figures and a whole week off. There be quite a few posts I think lol.

  4. When you said you won't doing the challenge I thought there would be fewer post and a lot less Painting. I was wrong:-) Nice work!

  5. Well they certainly do the trick Tamsin, smashing work.

  6. @ Ray - thanks, but which ones? :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! Not an anniversary, but it will be another eleventy-eleven posts before a similar numerical coincidence occurs again ;)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! The number of posts will depend on how quickly I finish things. There will be at least two before the weekend I think :)

    @ Dan Foley - cheers! My output hasn't been at my normal Challenge levels, but there was no way I could manage that again this year :)

    @ Michael - I was quite pleased with how the paper models looked and how strong they actually are :)