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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Salute Bloggers Meet-Up

It seems that nobody else has bothered to do a post yet, so it looks as though it's down to me.

As has become usual, it would be great for all the bloggers (and vloggers/podcasters) to meet up at Salute. As normal, this will be near the painting comp displays (see the red dot on the pic below) at 12.30pm.

Now, I know that this has always been at 1pm in the past, but LAF have had theirs arranged for 1pm for a few weeks now and I believe that a few bloggers will want to be at both.

Please feel free to share the pic and the information.


  1. Beat me to it Tamsin, I've just posted mine! I've changed the time to 12 o'clock. Did you get my email?

  2. You know we were all waiting for you to organise things!!

  3. So are we saying 12.00pm, not 12.30pm? Just like to check. :)

  4. Lucky you, getting to Salute. Enjoy your meet up!

  5. I'm not there this year so will have to pass. Hopefully next year with "Stingray" :)