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Monday, 2 October 2017

Sunday Workbench 01 October

Yesterday saw me priming all the prepped figures from my last post over two airbrush sessions. I also finished the Ming spear & dao unit today - I'll be doing a "finished" post tomorrow for those.

Well, here's what I've got primed and waiting in the wings for the Ming Chinese and Choson Koreans:

Choson Korean Infantry

These will be for the pike bases - I'm still waiting for the second pack of 24 I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I might make a start on them once I've painted a couple more Ming units.

Ming Chinese

Back to front: Generals; two 6-base spear & crossbow units; one 6-base armoured spear& dao unit (medium or heavy foot); one 6-base spear & bow unit.
Alongside: 9 Ming horse archers to add three bases to the "red hats" base I paitned last week to give a 4-base unit for FoGR. I have two more packs on back-order which will eventually take the "blue hats" and "green hats" up to 4-base units.

Back to front: spare command figures; two sticks of spear & bow/crossbow/handgun front rank figures (I will need to order a pack of bow/crossbow/handgun to complete them); two 6-base spear & dao units; two 6-base units of light foot bow

I've decided that the next lot of figures to hit my painting desk will be two 6-base units of light foot bowmen. That's all I'll need for FoGR and a lot more than I'll need for ADLG. I've got the next two days off work, so might get them finished before I return to work.

The pack of armoured bow cavalry I ordered a few weeks ago has been dispatched and should be here on Monday or Tuesday. I should get them prepped and primed before the weekend. Of course, I'll need to order another three packs to make up three 4-base units for FoGR.

I also need to get some artillery for the Ming Chinese, but can't find anybody who makes it. I have found earlier Chinese artillery from Irregular - I might order a few packs to get the crew figures. There are also rocket troops from Grumpy, but as they are only available from Eureka I might need to wait until Salute next year to get them.


  1. I have decided that your method of priming in bigger batch numbers is the way to go. I tend to paint in groups of 16 - 18 and so only prime that many, after completing on small batch it seems to take too long before I get around to priming the next lot. Priming seems the block to me as once I actually get a batch going, I fair fly through them.

  2. way too productive. You put all of us to shame.

  3. @ Norm - it definitely helps me with getting stuff painted to always have several units prepped and primed to move onto when I finish painting a unit. I usually prime goodly sized batches as it's more efficient.
    What I'm finding interesting here is that painting a single unit rather than a big batch means that I don't find myself rushing steps and so have less touching up to do at the end :)

    @ Paul - *psst* better not look at my blog tomorrow night then ;)