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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Thursday Update 12 October

Just a quick update tonight. I finished painting that batch of Koreans last night and gave them a Klear/ink coat just before going to bed. This evening I airbrushed matt varnish on, then brushed on satin varnish to a few details (weapons, sash, tassels), pinged them off the painting sticks, sorted them into groups and glued them onto bases:

I've got four figures left over which will get added to the remaining pack when it arrives and has been painted to do the final two pikemen bases and the second elite "swordsmen" base.

A bit later, when the superglue has fully dried, I'll edge and basecoat the bases with my craft khaki grey mix. Tomorrow I'll add the basing texture but it will take a while to dry enough for drybrushing and flocking, so that will have to get done on Saturday.


  1. Very nice and impressive progress as usual.

  2. You are stirring in me envy for new periods which make mean I have to get interested in yet another historical period!

    Naughty but in a nice way!

  3. PS Good paint work on these small guys!

  4. Glad you have plans for the poor left over 4 figures!, I have boxes full of odd bods from previous armies!
    PS: The Koreans are starting to look fierce and battle ready!

  5. @ Dannoc - thanks! :)

    @ Geordie - cheers! Glad to have been a bad influence on your hobby interests :)

    @ tom - thanks! :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! I do sometimes end up with odd figures left over, but usually find a use for them. This time I had a plan as I knew how many leftovers I had from before, how many I needed and was able to order just the right amount to do 6 pikemen and 2 swordsmen bases :)

  6. Looking very good. As always I'm astonished at the sheet amount if stuff you get through and the quality of the work.