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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Finished: 15mm Ming Chinese Light Bowmen

Yes, well, another "Finished" post one day after the last. On Sunday night I painted the coats of the light foot bowmen, then carried on yesterday and got everything done apart from drybrushing and flocking the bases. I did that this morning. These were an exceptionally quick group to paint.

And onto the pics:

Next up will be either the "red hat" horse archers or a spear & crossbow unit which will get me close to having a Ming ally list for FoGR; however, on checking I've found out that I also need at least one spear & handgun unit and that at least one each of the spear & bow and spear & crossbow units have to be taken as "poor" (in both the ally and main lists). That means that I'll probably need to order some more of archers and crossbows.

The pack of Korean heavy horse archers I was waiting for arrived yesterday and I got them prepped and washed. I glued the horses onto painting sticks and riders onto horses this morning, then primed them this afternoon.


  1. What a productive girl. They look great with those green/orange long cloaks and head gear.

  2. If you have the figures to do it, lean more heavily on bowmen than crossbowmen. They'd have been more common (crossbows were used, but more by militias and particular regional troops like the Lang Bing)

  3. They look great, love the beautiful colors!

  4. You make me feel guilty about my half painted figures! I always like the look of Chinese armies, and yours is looking beautiful!

  5. @ Dannoc - thanks! It's actually an orange-brown on the first unit :)

    @ Clibinarium - cheers for the hint. I was going to go more bows than crossbows initially :)

    @ Phil - thanks! :)

    @ Hobbyworker - cheers! :)

    @ Herkybird - thanks! No need to feel guilty; you should see my stack of primed and half-painted figures :)

  6. Sorry for the late comment, Tamsin. But I see you've certainly grown your Imjin War collection! Awesome work on these Ming troops too!