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Friday, 27 October 2017

Friday Workbench 27 October

I'm going to be away on Sunday, so I've brought my "Workbench" post forward.

I've been busy this week with prepping all the figures I bought at SELWG on Sunday. They're all done now and ready to get glued onto bases and painting sticks ready for priming (and eventually painting). And what do you know, just as I finish prepping them the three packs (two of Ming horse archers, one of Korean infantry) on back-order from Timecast arrived. I guess that means a bit more prep next week.

After a brief lull due to a horrible cold which I'd had last week I got back to painting a couple of nights ago, then carried on this evening, and finished painting another unit of Ming spear & dao infantry. I took a pic before giving them a coat of Klear/ink.

I'll finish them off next week and make a start on another unit.


  1. I like the green. What's on the shield?

  2. At this rate, Tamsin, you'll be the proud general of a few thousand Ming Dynasty troops by the time the Challenge rolls around - very nice work, and in a scale I have been too timid to attempt. Well done!

  3. Limbering up nicely ahead of the challenge - mind you you're going to need a shed more things to paint!

  4. You've gotta save some for the challenge Tamsin!

  5. Those look lovely! I am amazed how a rotten cold hasn't slowed you at all.
    I just hope those Ming aren't painted in 'Snot Green'!

  6. Great looking minis but aren’t you only supposed to be prepping minis now?


  7. @ Millsy - cheers! You'll just have to wait until I post pics of the finished unit to see what's on the shield ;)

    @ Evan - thanks! A couple of hundred of them anyway ;)

    @ Michael - cheers! I've got plenty of figures waiting in the wings for the Challenge :)

    @ Ray - I am saving stuff for the Challenge. In fact I've still got about half of last year's prepped stuff still waiting to hit the bench :)

    @ Geordie - not as fast as I'd have liked perhaps :)

    @ Herkybird - thanks! Definitely not snot green :)

    @ Miles - cheers! I can paint and prep you know. Maybe not at exactly the same time - there's a limit to even my ability to multi-task! ;)