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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Update and Query

Phew! I've finished prepping the figures which arrived on Satuday and they are all now glued onto painting sticks. Looks like I've got a couple of priming sessions lined up for the weekend:

I've started work on painting the next batch of Ming infantry - a spear & dao unit:

I haven't decided yet whether to do the coat trim red or yellow - the yellow ochre will make a good base for either colour.

Yesterday the flag sheet I ordered from LBMS arrived:

Anyway, the query I have for you guys. Among the figures I've just finished prepping are 9 Ming cavalry, which I'll paint up to make a full 4-base unit for FoGR (the first base being one of the ones I finished painting this week). My question for you is which of the three colour schemes do you think I should paint first? Red hat, blue hat or green hat?


  1. don't listen to the war mongering red hat faction. They are counter revolutionaries and secretly plotting world domination.

  2. Are Red Hats, the Ming equivalent to Red Shirts? If so... them.

  3. I seem to recall something about painting them red that makes them go faster....

  4. Well, it looks as though the reds have it by a head - thanks chaps!

    @ Miles - secretly plotting world domination? I thought they were being refreshingly open about it ;)

    @ Paul - under my generalship they'd be red shirts regardless of hat colour. And if you look closely, the ones with the red hats are in fact wearing red shirts under their blue coats :)

    @ Dartfrog - they will go faster. From teh tabletop back into the box as they die horrible deaths due to my poor generalship and crappy dice ;)

    @ Herkybird - Rebel! :)