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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Workbench Update

So, the Challenge is imminent and I'm cracking on with prep. As such, I haven't had anything to show until today.

This evening I got the airbrush out and did a bunch of priming. I was actually quite surprised as I managed to get the rest of my Seven years War Russians done - 11 cuirassiers, 18 horse grenadiers, 36 hussars, 39 cossacks, 6 generals, 2 wagons (plus 8 horses) and 2 artillery pieces.

Wagons, horse grenadiers, cuirassiers

Cossacks and artillery pieces

Hussars and generals
I've been gradually working through prepping the rest of the figures I need to get ready for the Challenge. The Korean irregular troops got glued onto bases this evening:

These will take my Righteous Army and levy/conscript troops to the 40-bases (each) maximum for FoG, with enough command bases to field them as either four 10s or five 8s. Plus another two generals.

There's really not much else that I can add to my Korean army now. Maybe some more "military school light horse", some peasant mob and perhaps some heavier artillery. But they will have to wait.

On the prep front, I've done the initial prep (clipping and filing the bases flat) on the Mongols, Nubians and Sea Peoples. I'm now in the process of cleaning up mould-line flash on all the figures. I'm about halfway through the Mongols and will be carrying on with this for the next few days, sticking them onto painting sticks after washing them.

I've also base-coated two batches of bases for the 6mm ACW and the Seven Years War troops. I'll be doing the same for the Nubians and Sea Peoples at some point.


  1. A fine horde. Yes we did enjoy the base filing on the chat!

  2. Looks impressive

    I need to figure out how this chat thing works

  3. Great stuff Tamsin. What are the two figures primed in red?

  4. Look at it all! Fabulous progress.

  5. It's going to be an awesome painting challenge with all the figures you've prepared

  6. Good stuff, I am looking forward to seeing your completed Korean army.

  7. That's as much as some of us will get done in the whole challenge. I am also prep mad, lots of cleaning done now just batch priming


  8. @ Dave D - cheers! You'll be glad to hear that there shouldn't be any more of that filing when I'm on chat :)

    @ Miles - thanks! The chat thing is quite easy - just click on the link in the FB group. You will need a mic and a webcam would be helpful :)

    @ Peter D - cheers! The two red-primed figures are the wagon drivers [all my Russian foot are primed red] :)

    @ Michael A - thanks m'Lord :)

    @ graham C - cheers! Once my Nubians and Sea Peoples are done, I should have enough figures prepped and primed for my 2600 point target. whether they'll all get painted is another matter :)

    @ Dartfrog - thanks! When the Koreans have been painted I'll try to do an "army on parade" post to show everything together :)

    @ Ian - well, you know what I'm like :)

    @ Dannoc - that's only a small portion of the total I'm getting ready for painting :)