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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Mongols, Koreans and Scatter Terrain

This week hasn't been brilliant so far for getting things done. On Monday evening I had a pain in my upper right arm so couldn't do any painting. On Tuesday it was a leaving do for a work colleague so I didn't get home until 11.30pm. Last night I was suffering the after effects of Tuesday evening...

I did get a bit done on Sunday evening after posting, and a little bit done today.

Scatter Terrain

I gave the pieces a dark brown basecoat on Sunday, then this evening I drybrushed them. That just leaves painting the various bits of scrap metal and maybe a few spots of colour to represent garbage poking through the earth.


On Sunday evening I painted the bows and also did a Sky Grey undercoat for the plumes and the horse-hair standards. Just the metals, taches and plumes to do now. I should get them finished over the weekend.


During the week I've been prepping some of the Koreans that were delivered last week. All the regulars are prepped and washed, so this evening I sorted them out for basing and glued them onto bases. I actually had enough to do eight front ranks and two general bases.

Once I've seen how the pumice on the bases of the crossbowmen looks, I'll decide whether to do the same for these or to use my original method with medium ballast.

50x25mm Bases

You may recall that I was trying to work out what I'd ordered the 50x25mm bases for. I worked it out - I'd clicked the wrong button on the webstore! What I'd really wanted was another pack of 40x40 bases. Oh well, guess I'll have to place another order for the right ones.


  1. Still moving forward Tamsin, that's the key.

  2. Prolific out put. I wish I had such motivation.

  3. Seems pretty busy to me! Love the scatter terrain!

  4. Those Mongols are frighteningly good and talking of fright, are those for the challenge?


  5. The Mongols just get better and better - hard to belive there's sstill yet more to do on them - you perfectionist you.
    The grit on your scatter terrain interst me and I obviously missed what you've used to get the effect - (hint)
    I like he look of the Koreans too btw

  6. Like those Mongols! You'll soon be riding across the known world with your own goofy horde of lovable rogues!

  7. @ MichaelA - it's better than moving backward m'Lord! :)

    @ Paul O'G - cheers! :)

    @ Clint - not that prolific :)

    @ Gordon - prep doesn't count as much as actually painting the blighters though :)

    @ Francis - true, true! :)

    @ Ian - cheers! The Koreans? Yup, they'll be for the Challenge - about 212 points for that batch :)

    @ Zabadak - thanks! There wasn't much left to do on them, just some touch-ups, the metals, the taches... :)

    @ David - cheers! Goofy Horde? Is that better or worse than a Mickey Horde? ;)