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Friday, 25 November 2016

Mongols Ready For Priming

Yup, that's right - all the reinforcements for my Mongols have been prepped and stuck onto sticks ready for priming. I'll do that tomorrow night.

This evening I've prepped the four packs of Sea Peoples that I've received so far; they're in a tub of soapy water right now. I won't be putting them onto painting sticks until the rest of the packs have arrived and been prepped.

I'm also working on prepping the Nubians during my lunch breaks. Once they've been prepped and washed, I'll stick all but the bowmen onto sticks for painting; the bowmen will get done when the other two packs arrive and have been prepped.

Looking ahead a short way into the future, it seems that my blog will be hitting three milestones around the New Year - 1000 posts, 750k page views and it's 5th Blogiversary. I guess I'd better come up with something to celebrate all three together.


  1. Another great effort! terrific stuff, Tamsin, andwe can all be certain that more is to follow.

  2. You must have an amazing amount of lolly sticks!

  3. I foresee a busy time ahead in the painting challenge...

  4. So many figures but I know you'll be on top of it all.
    Two questions
    A. What range are the sea people's?
    B. Are the Mongol cavalry one piece castings or do you glue them on and paint?