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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Mongols Limbering Up

As I can't do any priming at the moment, I decided to do a bit of painting to get my hand back in. Looking around at what was ready (and not lined up for the Challenge) I picked out a load of Mongol cavalry which I prepped and primed over a year ago. After a quick check of the Mongol Empire list for ADLG I realised that I've got enough heavy cavalry figures but I'm somewhat lacking on the medium cavalry front - I'll be placing an order for enough figures to make up 5 more bases and some baggage camels for the camp.

With that decided, I chose to crack on with the heavy cavalry and some command groups. I had primed them white and then applied a black basecoat to the metal areas - helmets, lamellar armour, helmets and horse barding. This evening I drybrushed all the metal with Natural Steel. Tomorrow I'll be doing the horseflesh, or what little of it is visible.

I also decided it was time to face up to a task I'd been putting off for a few weeks - gluing the wheels onto the limbers for my 6mm ACW infantry. I managed to restrain myself from actually swearing out loud (I was chatting in Google hangout with Dave D and Martin Cooke) I got them all glued in place, even if some are slightly skewed. I'm hoping that Mr Berry will have redone them so that they are one piece castings like he did with the guns before I order any more.

That's all for today folks!


  1. Sounds like your experience with the wheels was like mine with arms on my Perry plastics infantry this evening!

    "Why do you do it if it makes you so stressed?" as the Old Bat said!

  2. Will you be painting up the Mongol light cavalry archers? Supposedly they made up 80-90% of the Mongol army....

  3. Great work on the Mongols, they have really moved on quickly.

  4. In discussions with Ian about a 6mm side challenge.

    As for the mongols I very much like the figures which will get better and better I am sure as you get closer to varnish.

    1. Yep we are going to combine points LOL


  5. Good to talk last night, mongols look good

  6. You could have saved those for the Challenge, easy point ;-)


  7. @ Legatus - it seems to be a common curse for us gamers :)

    @ Brendon - cheers! :)

    @ Jerry - I've got 12 bases of Mongol light horse that I painted a while back. The 80-90% were cavalry who could either fight as light troops or medium troops as required :)

    @ Michael A - thanks m'Lord! I hadn't done much on them at this stage, just dry-brushed the metal - about 30 minutes work at most :)

    @ Ray - cheers! :)

    @ Clint - thanks! I'm hoping that this batch will come out well - I haven't painted any units for quite some time... :)

    @ Clint & Ian - are you two ganging up on me? I may not even be in the market for a 6mm side challenge this year as I have several other projects ;)

    @ Martin C - yup, it was good to chat the other night :)

    @ Ian - I could have, but I do need to get back into the swing of unit painting. And 15mm painting! :)