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Monday, 7 November 2016

SYW Russian Infantry Primed

Well, this evening I managed to get the other half of the Russian infantry primed. Even with the primer heavily thinned and with flow improver added it was hard going trying to use it with my 0.35mm airbrush. I'll wait until my new 0.5mm airbursh arrives before doing any more priming.

So, here they are in all their red glory (gory?):

The strip at the front is artillery crewmen for 2 guns.

That will be eight regiments to add to my collection once they're painted. I'm actually very tempted to add figures for the remaining 13 infantry regiments which fought in the SYW to the order I'll be placing with Essex for wagons and limbers.

Last night I added some basing gunk to some of the Salutesville figures which don't need Milliput:

To close off this post, a quick heads-up for any UK readers who use hot glue guns a lot - Lidl have a good deal on glue sticks at the moment: £2.99 for a pack of eighteen sticks (Parkside PHPZ 3 A1; 11 x 280mm) so it's probably a good time to stock up for future needs if you're quick!


  1. Good shout on the glue sticks. I have a Large Bostick gun (12mm sticks) and have just bought a small Arrow gun, which takes 8mm sticks, but I am only just realising that stick sizes can vary, for example Stanley and Bosch both use 7mm sticks. I have no idea whether a 7mm stick or an 11mm stick will work in my guns. Does that 1mm difference mean that the glue under pressure has room to move backwards or are we talking about a 'general fit' here that should be fine?

    I take it that code means the Lidl sticks are 11mm?

  2. You are certainly not afraid to tackle big projects Tamsin. That lot would keep me busy for decades.

  3. Looking forward to seeing them all together.

  4. I am still avoiding any prep. But I can see how it would improve my chances of getting a better result in the challenge. So I wish you luck and I hope the prep pays off for you.

  5. Well I have airbrush envy, even it it IS only your backup!

  6. I just nowyou're going toadd the 'missing' regiments

  7. That is a lot of figures on the go! Impressed!

  8. Very impressive task - as is your trademark ;) Cheers and happy painting!! :D

  9. I planned once to get all the Russian regiments for Zorndorf, but couldn't find the booted figures for the corps of observation!

  10. @ Norm - you're welcome! I've got no idea if the 11mm sticks would work in your Bostik or if they'd be too loose a fit

    @ Michael A - given past performance I know that I can if I push it paint 8 regiments in two weeks but I'm not sure that I'd want to :)

    @ David Cooke - you'll have to wait a couple of months as I probably won't be painting these until January :)

    @ Clint - well, for me prep has been taking the place of painting, although with my priming airbrush out of action I'm actually going to be doing some painting over the next few days :)

    @ Paul O'G - no need to be envious when you can buy your own set-up :)

    @ Zabadak - you're probably right about that! :)

    @ Legatus - a lot of figures perhaps, but until the Challenge starts they will be staying red :)

    @ RMacedo - cheers! :)

    @ Herkybird - a bit of judicious filing of the gaiters and around the ankles could have done the trick. Old Glory 15s do Observation Corps I think, and Blue Moon are doing them [or already have done them] :)

  11. Its weird, I couldn't post here yesterday, today I can but I have to first click Reply to someone's comment, then I can click Add comment below that?? What's going on????