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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Shinies and Scatter Terrain

This morning I collected the two packages I'd been left red cards of joy and frustration for. I knew what one of them was because the box had a label on it; the other I could tell what it was from the weight and shape. This is what they were:

Yay! The replacement airbrush I ordered last weekend. And a box from Timecast...

Lots of packets of Old Glory 15s

Korean regular troops

Korean irregular troops


Sea Peoples
The package from Timecast wasn't my full order - I'm still waiting for a pack of SYW casualties, two packs of Nubian archers and nine packs of Sea Peoples. I'm hoping they'll arrive in time to get them prepped for the Challenge.

Not long after I'd unpacked these and taken pics, the postie (not Evil Postie before you ask) turned up with the third package I was expecting - a fairly big restock of bases from Tiny Tin Troops. I'm now trying desperately to remember what I ordered a bunch of 25x50mm bases for.

This afternoon, whilst chatting on Google Hangout with Dave D and Martin C (and Edwin K briefly), I did a bit of prep work for a mini project - some scatter terrain for my Crusties. First job was to cut some scatter bases from 3mm EPVC. I found that the easiest way to cut curves for irregular shapes was to do it on a bevel, which had the bonus advantage of combining the two steps. Once they were all cut, I roughly sanded them ready for the main job.

After tidying up a bit I added blobs of Das putty onto the bases, smoothed it down onto the edges then added various bits of scrap plastic (corrugated plasticard, pipes, angle beams etc) and some small pieces of wire mesh. After that I pressed some grit into the putty. This is how they look at the moment:

I'm leaving them overnight for the Das to harden, then tomorrow I'll add some sand then give them an undercoat of craft paint and PVA. During the week, I'll paint them up.

In case you're wondering, these will be scrap heaps to add some LOS-blocking cover for games of Gruntz.

Of course, all of this means that I haven't done any work on the Mongols today, but I will crack on with them tomorrow.



  1. Those are incredibly effective bits of scatter - elegantly simple!

    Good luck getting to grips with the new airbrush. I always find adjusting to a new one to be a pain.

  2. Thats scatter terrain is looking great Tamsin, and I'm pleased to see that the new airbrush has arrived too

    BTW I know you like 15mm SF - have you seen this new KS? Its certainly kindled my interest!

  3. good to chat today, nice looking terrain and lots of toys

  4. A nice delivery of shiny and some Sea Peoples. I ?look forward to seeing these painted - might motivate me to paint my chariot Miniatures.

  5. I didn't know you collected Bibicals as well Tamsin. Looking forward to that. Like the scatter terrain. It has got me thinking maybe the method can be used to help solve my lack of marshes problem.

  6. I sold my sea peoples army or I would have donated it to you. Oh well only about 6 years too late for that.

  7. Nice terrain and wow what a big haul of shiny heavy metal....
    And hey please give us a feedback of the new airbrush. I am thinking about buying a new one for quite a long time.
    Iwata or Harder&Steemberg??

  8. @ Herbert - thanks! Simple but effective terrain pieces are the best. As for the airbrush, it's the same model as the one I knackered, so it shouldn't really take any getting used to :)

    @ Paul O'G - cheers! I had seen that KS, but I've got more than enough 15mm SF without...must resist shinies...getting any more...succumb, you know you will... :)

    @ Martin C - yup, good to chat :)

    @ Dannoc - If all the Sea Peoples goodies arrive in time, you may see them get painted fairly early in the Challenge :)

    @ David Cooke - these are my first Biblicals. I'm not sure why I went for the Nubians, maybe because they will be a much quicker and easier paint than Egyptians and I wanted a shooty army for the larks. As for the sea Peoples, it was always going to be a toos-up between them and Assyrians :)

    @ Clint - isn't that always the way? ;)

    @ michael A - indeed, lots of shininess :)

    @ Markus - thanks! It's the same model as the one I knackered last weekend. It's an Iwata Revolution CR and works well for priming, basecoats and even some detail work. I also have a Iwata Neo for finer detail jobs :)

    @ DaveD - cheers! :)