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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Saturday Workbench

It's been a bit of a washout this week. After work on Monday I decided to pop down to 4D Model Shop for some bits and pieces before going to the club for a demo game of Star Wars: Imperial Assault. Unfortunately, while on the tube between the shop and the club I felt something go rather painfully in my back. Game abandoned, head home, rest back. No game so no AAR.

Luckily, my back had eased off overnight and I haven't had any more back pain so far. However, I seem to have hit a patch of fatigue, so haven't been able to paint in the evenings, meaning no more progress on the 6mm ACW boys. Fortunately I had plenty of reading material piled up to go through.

Confession time - I did adopt a few more Hotwheels cars this morning:

I decided to do something creative this afternoon. Here's a pic of the materials I used:

I'll post some pics tomorrow of my creative output, but for now will leave you guessing.


  1. You did right your back is much more important than an AAR. So Doctor Clint says rest it and NO strenuous activities! I don't want to put you of at all as I am enjoying the Car Wars stuff, But I suspect you might have enough cars now. But most importantly, take care you!

  2. Really sorry to hear that you've not been on top form, but as Clint says look after number one first - that said I'm looking forward to seeing whatever you have built, my money is on dilapidated buildings with broken glass?

  3. Sorry you missed your game but everyone is right - you've got to watch your back. I hurt mine and didn't rest it enough and it gave me trouble for months. Looking forward to seeing whatever you've made.

  4. Sorry to hear of it back pain is the worst pain! You've been out pacing everyone for months so a rest is well deserved.

  5. Wonderful collection of "wheels", Tamsin. Long before I got into military toys, I used to play with first Matchbox and then the cooler Hot Wheels cars. I loved the mag wheels and red striped race tires :)

  6. More cars!!!! And what on earth are you making??

  7. @ everyone - thanks for the concern about my back. It seems that it was just a spasm or something. Resting it for a couple of hours when I got home seemed to sort it out.

    @ Clint - you're right about the cars. I've got more than enough now. I'll have to resist temptation when I'm out shopping ;)

    @ Michael A - nothing that complicated I'm afraid :)

    @ Herbert - well, what I've made is up now :)

    @ Robert - I haven't been that busy! :)

    @ DeanM - it is quite a collection; probably a lot more than I really need to be honest ;)

    @ Ray - errmm, yes, more cars! I've posted the results of my crafting session now :)


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