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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Can't See The Wood For The


I got exactly as far as I'd expected with the trees today - they've been dunked in 35-ish % PVA and left hanging to drip and dry. They're pretty much dry now, but I won't do anything with them until tomorrow night.

What fell off the trees as they came out of the pack.
Dunked, dripping and drying
I'll probably give them a second dunking tomorrow night, just to be sure.

In the meantime, I've decided to do a vehicle conversion job. A couple of months ago, Dannoc jokingly suggested that I should do a roadsweeper with flamers. That did inspire me to take a shufty on the interweb to see if I could find one - I did, and it's been sat on the shelf for a while now. It's a Siku diecast but is 1:50 scale so too big for my Car Wars project.

Anyway, this afternoon I decided to start the process by disassembling the vehicle and putting the metal parts to soak in paint stripper.

This going to be a "proper" fantasy post-apocalyptic vehicle - all scrap metal armour, mesh screens and ludicrous weapons. Given the size and scale of the vehicle, I'm thinking that 40K Ork weapons might do the trick. I'll pop to the store on Tottenham Court Road after work to see what they have. The image I have in my head is two weapons firing forward and two weapons firing to the rear, maybe with something on top.

I also need to find a suitable driver figure, and maybe a teddy bear to stick on the front.

Of course, I've already got an appropriate name in mind for the vehicle...


  1. Finally catching up with myself - trees looks great, but I need one of the road sweepers!

  2. Clean warriors! That will teach litter bugs.

  3. I hope the trees are dry by the time you get home. As for the vehicle, some things are just wrong!

  4. And I was only jesting but I can't wait to see the end result.

  5. @ Lord Michael - thanks. I ordered mine through Amazon - just look for Siku :)

    @ Robert - litter louts and grafitti artists beware! :)

    @ Clint - they were dry by this morning. Wrong? How can an armoured street sweeper with flamethrowers and BFOGs be wrong? ;)

    @ Curt - i's a very nice model and it is a shame to do anything to it, but scrap-metal armour and BFOGs will make it look so sweet that it's worth it :)

    @ Dannoc - I know, but you should have known better than to make a silly suggestion that I'd rise to the challenge of :)

  6. Trees.....oh my Lord....making trees is fun, but every time I do it, the mess is indescribable. I do get my kids to help, which is partly the reason for the mess, but even so - definitely a job to do in a big bunch! I do love the road sweeper, though - the teddy bear on the front would be an awesome touch :)

  7. Nice trees but I'm really curious what you'll do with the roadsweeper. ;-)


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