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Monday, 17 August 2015

Monday Update

The trees are finished! I did the static grass yesterday:

After the PVA glue holding the grass had been left to set for a few hours, they were (kind of) carefully packed into a cheap plastic container I bought from the pound shop yesterday morning:

I'll be taking them to the club at some point.

"Hmmm, so she went shopping. I bet she just happened to buy more cars!"

Well, naturally I did!

As these are repeats of models I already have, they don't count toward my "24 new car models" allowance.

And these are, technically, trucks so they don't count either! The count still stands at 12 new car models bought; 12 new car models left on the allowance.

***Many thanks to everyone who pointed out the embarrassing typo. I blame trying to post in a rush and not having time to proof-read***

I do like my logic.

Today has mostly been spent working on a 3X quick-reference sheet for Car Wars and printing out various bits and pieces that I'll need for tonight's game with Simon. We're trying out the Rat Race Arena with Division 20 and 25 cars. Hopefully there will be some pics for you tomorrow.

And now, I really must be heading out to the club.


  1. I think there's spelling mistake in this article you might like to correct. ;-)

    1. Oh, I just found it. I thought for someone to point it out, it might be funny.

      Tasmin, you got a funny misspelled word going on there. Once I wrote as a title, 14 Days without a Frig because I forgot to add the d to fridge.

      Anyway, great trees and cars.

    2. You'll never live this one down Tamsin :0)

    3. That will teach you for trying to squeeze trucks into the COUNT! :D

  2. The trees look great and the cars are more nice additions to the project!

  3. Not sure what this is all about but my mum said I can't read your blog anymore !

  4. An excellent post - this one COUNTS (hey, just making sure) as one of your best.

    I've had many a problem with auto spell correct lately also....

  5. You see - this is what happens when you are rushing to write a post before going out. I did pretty well - just one typo. Unfortunately it couldn't have been more hilarious/embarrassing.

    @ Vexillia - thanks. Corrected as soon as I got home and saw the comments! :)

    @ Whisk - I believe yours is what is called a Freudian Slip ;)

    @ Anne - Not with all these comments pointing it out! ;)

    @ Michael A - I would never try to insert trucks into a Sesame Street character! ;)

    @ Anne - thanks! :)

    @ Dannoc - you let your mum read the blogs you follow? ;)

    @ Miles - I can't even blame auto-correct, just typing in a rush :o

    @ Pat - errmm, yes :)

  6. I think this sad affair is a lesson for all of us on just how important an "o" can be. In fact hear in the States, "O's" are so important that they are the first sound in out national anthem.

    Take that George the Third!

  7. Nice addition to your collection.

    Anyway I'm slightly disappointed to have missed the typo... ;-)

  8. keep it up. Have fun at the club. And I cannot see any spelling typos. Maybe you have corrected them by now or maybe my dyslexia just does not recognise them as typos!

  9. I saw the error but as I have poor spelling I never point out other people's spelling errors especialy when I a) know what they meant to say and b) its hilarious

  10. @ Miles - O? Oxygen free-radical? But they are dangerous and cause genetic mutations and cancers ;)

    @ Stefan - I'm sure that you'll have gathered just what the typo was from reading the comments! :)

    @ Clint - yes, I had corrected it by the time you read the post :)

    @ Adam - thanks, I think. That's an attitude I can fully appreciate :)


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