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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Forgive Me Readers

...for I have sinned. It has been 4 days since my last post. I have entered a branch of the Evil Empire twice and have engaged in commerce with them*.

*for those in need of translation, I have been into a GW shop and bought some GW products.

Please forgive me!

There's no need to worry though, I haven't tumbled down the slippery slope that leads to the world of Grimdark. This was just to get some "Bitz" sprues for modding the road-sweeper.

And from the look of the sprues, I'll have enough to do lots of post-apoc vehicles. The big bag contains "Baneblade Sponsons and Accessories", the smaller pack is a sprue of Space Marines (©, ™, cease and desist letter sent, court proceedings pending, etc, etc, etc) "Meltaguns". Looking at the Baneblade sprues, I didn't actually need to buy the Meltaguns - there are weapons galore for me to use.

Apart from this brief trip to the dark side, I have been reasonably busy. On Tuesday evening I applied modeling past to the trunks of the trees to give them some texture (and to fill gaps between the bottom of the "branches" and the tops of the plastic trunk bases). This evening I've added a mix of modeling paste and large grain gel, with a couple of drops of brown ink, to the bases. I should be able to finish them over the weekend  - painting the trunks, the ground and the rims of the washers; adding some brown scatter material and a little static grass to the bases.

And then I'll be free to work on the road-sweeper. And to finish off the 6mm Union infantry who are staring accusingly at me.


  1. Sure, just a bits sprue...that's what they all say :) I admit to having delved into those dark waters myself.

  2. I have to admit that I walked into a GW shop last weekend and happily walked out with nothing more than I entered. However as they say, lead me not into temptation.

  3. You had me worried there for a minute Tamsin. Just don't go back in there, it's dangerous.

  4. I don't think they let girls into GW shops.... I certainly didn't think they let them leave if one wandered in.

  5. Careful. Like Anne said....the dealers there work for a ruthless corporation. :)
    But we all know that.

  6. Nothing to forgive! I personally no longer like GW but I cannot condemn anyone who does shop there. It is all personal choice!

  7. Hope you had your shots and wiped you feet on the way out

  8. I cannot cast the first stone. I walked in last week and walked out with three pots of paint from their Technical range, two of which I am very, very happy with. So happy, in fact, that I will get more when I run out.

  9. I have no problem with anyone shopping in there. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your obtained goods :)

  10. My local GW shop is excellent. I go in, we talk about everything in the hobby but GW. I buy some paints and talk about the other paint manufacturers and then I leave. They know I don't partake of GW anymore, so we just talk about the hobby in general and they give me painting advice. I leave them positive feedback on their store site on FB. Win win!

  11. I can't remember the last GW store I went it. My 'local' branch closed some time ago and I haven't played their games, collected their models or used their paints in well over a decade, probably longer. I have on occasion (and in sheer desperation) bought some overpriced modelling materials from them and a few years ago I was stupid enough to buy a set of their brushes (utter rubbish, used once and exiled to the waste bin). At the end of the day if they sell something you need then it fulfils a purpose and shouldn't be sniffed at...but try not to do it too often, it'll just encourage them!

  12. I too have partook once or twice of the devils plastic. I deserve flagellation forthwith. However it hasnt been induced by walking into the unholy hellhole that is a GW shop.

  13. What is this GW of which you speak? hehe

  14. @ Simon J - I hang my head :(

    @ Dean - yup, that's how these pushers catch you. A cheap sample here, a free taster there... ;)

    @ Robert - you clearly have strong willpower :)

    @ Anne - I know m'dear, I know. The first trip was scary, the second had me out in a cold sweat :O

    @ Adam - maybe, but it's more likely that no self-respecting young lady would venture into one. Which tells you that I am either:
    not self-respecting
    not young
    not a lady
    some combination of the above
    Luckily I know some martial arts and am a quick runner - if they'd tried to stop me leaving, I reckon I'd have got out ;)

    @ Brendon - we do know that, we do :)

    @ Clint - it may be a choice at first, but once those pushers get you hooked you can't break free ;)

    @ Martin - no need for shots - I wore a disposable full environmental protection suit ;)

    @ Thomas - say three "Hail Perrys" as penance! ;)

    @ Simon Q - yup, it's up to the individual. If they like their products and want to buy them, that's their choice :)

    @ Roy W - I must admit that the staff in the Warhammer shop on Tottenham Court Road were helpful although admittedly bemused when I told them what I was buying the bits for ;)

    @ Lee - so, did you go cold turkey? Do you still get the shakes and sweats? ;)

    @ Carl - flagellation? Only if you are Opus Dei :)

    @ Emilio - is that "Repent!"? If so, I do, I do :)

    @ Terry - if you do not know, you are safe. Steer clear of this peril :)


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