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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday Update - Some Creativity

For those of you puzzled by what I was planning to do with foamboard, OHP transparencies, a pencil, a steel ruler and a craft knife. You need wait no longer.

For those who had high expectations of what I would be producing, sorry - you'll be a tad disappointed I'm afraid.

Just some very basic stuff - walls/barriers and some plinths/bunkers for Car Wars games. I didn't want to do anything too complicated on this session as I hadn't worked with foamboard before. It was a useful way to practice some of the techniques needed for when I do try some more complex projects.

The walls/barriers are 2" high and just under 12" long, superglued to a 2" wide strip of OHP film. They'll be used for marking out arenas (for CW cognoscenti, think along the lines of the Rat Race Arena, Aladdin's Castle, Amex Proving Grounds).

They can also be used with the plinths/bunkers:

As for the plinths/bunkers, they are 3" square by 2" high. Making them gave me plenty of practice of doing rabeted joints, which will prove useful for making up other bunkers, buildings etc. My plan over the next few weeks is to make up some more of these in different sizes and shapes, possibly with cut-out doors and windows/firing slots.

I have a hankering to do up a version of the Rainbow Bay Blast Furnace. I'll need a lot of them and they need to be covered in silver paper!

I was hoping to do some more today, but after chores and shopping I didn't have time. That was mostly due to the fact that I agreed to give Simon a practice game of FoG:R for Britcon. That meant I needed to work up an army list, sort out the figures I need and pack my bag ready for tomorrow.

So, what's next on the foamboard construction?

More plinths/bunkers
Ramps and elevated sections


  1. Looks like you're headed in the right direction Tamsin!

  2. Basic but with a lick of paint and some ads from the sponsors they'll loot good. I'm surprised you never use foamcore before its a basic material,

  3. Fun looking terrain, Tamsin. You're making me want to peruse ebay for some Hot Wheels :)

  4. And there was me expecting a castle or something???

  5. Nice to see scenery being made.

  6. So much for ruined buildings and broken windows, but perhaps more useable. ;)

  7. Nice start. I haven't tried foamcore either yet must add it to the todo list.

  8. Walls are very important in Car Wars - it's always good to have something to drive into at 80mph. Kind of like an alternative to breaking :) Looking very good indeed!

  9. @ Anne - Thanks. It's lovely to have you back with us m'dear! :)

    @ Robert - I'll be leaving these basic for now. I do have a long term plan for laser-cut MDF terrain if we get enough players [or if we are crazy enough to run it as a game at shows].
    As for not using foamcore before, I haven't needed to before now,

    @ DeanM - cheers. To be honest, you're probably better off getting Hotwheels from the shops rather than Ebay, unless you're after a particular model that you can't find retail :)

    @ Ray - and just what in my recent gaming-related posts would lead you to think I'd be making a castle? ;)

    @ Clint - yup, even if it is very basic stuff :)

    @ MichaelA - well, if I decide to do up a Deathrace or wastelands setup I will probably need to make some ruined buildings with broken windows :)

    @ Simon - it's not that bad to work with, but you do need to be careful when doing rabet joints :)

    @ Sidney - they are very important in CW. Line of site blocking, forcing tight turns, something to hide behind or crash into...
    Ordinary braking in CW can be pretty hazardous in itself if you brake too hard - 15mph+ deceleration is a hazard which may require a control roll (15mph = D1 manoeuvre; 45mph = D11 manoeuvre, pretty much a guarantee of losing control and having a nasty result on the crash table).


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