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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Saturday Workbench

So, what's on my workbench this weekend?

Yes, trees. I've had a pack of 25 Noch trees sitting around for ages and finally decided to do something with them. Today I have done the first step - sticking them onto 32mm washers with superglue. Tomorrow, I'll be dunking them in 25% PVA to seal the flock onto the bristles then leaving them to dry for 24 hours or so (hanging upside-down over a plastic container to catch the excess PVA as it drips). During the week I'll be adding some gunk to the bases to hide the washers and the roots and adding some texture to the trunks, then painting the ground and trunks.

When they are done, I'll be donating them to the club as the stock seems to be very depleted.

As it's Saturday, I'm sure you will realise that purchases of cars were made. I was good today - just the two:

Yup, Hotwheels "Monster Jam" monster trucks. Whilst perusing the interweb thingy, I came across some unofficial rules for using these in Car Wars and thought "why not?".

"Hold it, hold it - not so fast missus. I think I can see some other vehicles in the top pics. You didn't buy just the two cars did you?"


OK, it's a fair cop guv. I would like you to take into account 11 other offences...

Mostly for the Wastelands project, but I'm starting to think that I could use the buggy types for off-road arena games in Car Wars.

And then there's this one. I'm not sure whether this will go to the Wastelands or regular CW project box.

And I solemnly promise that I won't buy any more cars. Well, maybe some more monster trucks.


  1. Now those monster truck are the business - great art work on them.Are you keeping them as are?

  2. Trees look great, Tamsin. The big wheels also are very cool

  3. Do you get a bonus for tire shooting Monster truck wheels? It all looks good to me.

  4. Do show us how the trees turned out Tamsin, I'm needed to add to my collection too.

  5. @ Dannoc - they definitely are the dog's :)
    It's definitely tempting to keep them as is, but it might make it difficult to add weapons, particularly the purple one - matching colours if I add turrets or pods is also going to be tricky.

    @ Dean - that's how they come in the pack. Apart from the washers of course ;)
    The M-trucks definitely comply with the rule of cool :)

    @ Clint - I expect that they're easier to target than normal car tires, but may still be a negative to hit modifier :)

    @ Lord Michael - will do when they're finished. These are the cheap 'n nasty (well, not that cheap and not that nasty) trees used to bulk out woods by railroad modelers - they usually go behind the high quality trees. :)

  6. Looking good. So are you soaking the whole tree in PVA? I bought some cheap trees from China but the flock on the branches seems like it could do with sealing and I've been pondering what to do with them?


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