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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Road-Sweeper Day Three

It was much cooler this morning, so I sat down and finished off the build. About midday, I went out for a while, to give the glue time to dry and set before doing the priming.

As you can see, I finished off the armour, added weaponry and then stuck a barrel (from Ainsty) on top and used some strands of electrical wire as hoses leading from the barrel to the flamers. The weapons are all from the Baneblade sprues.

OK, I'll admit that while I was out I did happen to pick up a few more cars:

Two repeats, in different colours to ones I have already
...and 5 new car models. Or 4 new cars and 1 (pick-up) truck
The new cars (L to R) are: Toyota AE-86 Corolla; Ryura LX; Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4; Porsche Panamera; Custom Ford Bronco.

That takes the count to 20 new car models; 4 left on my allowance.

OK, that's enough for that aside, back to business. This afternoon I got everything set up for airbrushing. I decided that it would make sense to do my airbrushing technique try-outs alongside working on the road-sweeper. I'll be working on two car bodies for these.

Vehicles primed:

After letting the primer cure for a while, I moved on to doing the road-sweeper's basecoat and the first steps on the test cars.

The basecoat on the road-sweeper was a mix of plate-mail primer, black paint and then some chrome to brighten it (I'd added too much black) plus a bit of thinner.

For the test cars, the basecoats were these inks:


The silver ink didn't come out very well, possibly because of the white primer. In both cases, the metallic ink was thicker than I'd anticipated and I had trouble spraying it (even with added thinners). I'll have to remember to dilute it and use the Revolution (it has a larger needle).

I'll be doing colour graduations on the test cars, using semi-transparent inks. Over the gold the gradient will be yellow/orange/red; over the silver it will be light to dark green.

Piccy with the first stage of the gradients:

You might be wondering what use this technique is. Well, it's good for flame effects when combined with vinyl masks. using semi-transparent colours over the metallic base gives an interesting sheen.

I might get the rest of the gradients done tonight; I'll certainly get the next stage done.


  1. I'd seriously suggest starting a "finish two cars, allowed to buy one new car" policy, as otherwise you're buying them faster than you can ever mod and paint them!

    (Am totally guilty of similar sins with toy soldiers.)

  2. The street sweeper is a really nice build. I've not seen anyone use inks like this before and am interested in seeing how you build the colours up to get flame effects.

  3. Awesome. You are having a lot of fun with the bits and pieces on the road sweeper.

  4. The street sweeper is really inspired does this mean you are moving into street machines now?

  5. That's certainly a strange looking contraption, I bet it'll do more than sweep up!!!!

  6. Nice pieces once again, Tamsin. The sweeper is coming out really great so far.

  7. The sweeper build is insanely good Tamsin.

  8. That´s brilliant! Are you going to do the "hairspray" method on it, rust n´all ?

  9. Those are looking really good an the sweeper - Nasty!

  10. @ The Responsible One - OK, I think I've gotcha. Paint one car, buy two ;)

    @ Anne - just trying them out. The idea is to get a feathered blend gradient, apply a vinyl flames mask over them and then spray the main body colour. When you remove the vinyl mask, you should have nice looking flames in the gradient colours.
    Oh, and I'll have to buy some masks, but right now I'm testing out the airbrush techniques for the base colours. Using transparent/translucent colours over gold/silver gives a rather nice sheen which should make the flames "pop".

    @ Brendon - I certainly did have fun with the build :)

    @ Robert - this is a one off for the moment. I'll be doing some "wastelands" vehicles at some point [I have the cars] :)

    @ Ray - of course it will do more than sweep! :)

    @ Stefan - thanks! It should look great when I've finished painting it :)

    @ Michael - cheers! It is rather mad :)

    @ Paul - I did think of that method, but I'll probably go with the salt method :)

    @ Pat - the sweeper is definitely not a vehicle to mess with ;)

  11. The "salt" method? I´ll have to look that one up..

  12. Haha! They're awesome! Have a look at mine: http://www.hydro-cleansing.com/

  13. Haha! They're awesome! Have a look at mine: http://www.hydro-cleansing.com/


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