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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Challenge Entry #7: The First of the Swiss

Well, the first of the 15mm Swiss that I've entered in the Challenge! Curt posted them just over a day ago, so I can show them here now. the figures are 15mm from Donnington's New Era range. I've got a couple more batches ready to go, but still need to order the rest of the figures I'll need for my full Swiss army.

These 32 figures scored me 64 points, propelling me from 13th place to 10th and leapfrogging Fran. However, I'm sure that the big fella is frantically beavering away with his next entry, which will leave me in the dust.


16 light foot with crossbows. You may recall from several months back that I'd painted up 16 light foot with handguns, and done them as 1 base for each of the eight cantons of the Old Confederation. I followed the same scheme with the crossbowmen. Both types will eventually be boosted to 20 bases (40 figures) and my plan is to have at least 1 figure in the colours of each canton represented in the Swiss army at Murat. This may mean that some cantons are over-represented, and others under-represented among the light foot. However, that will be more than balanced out when I have done all the pike blocks and halberdiers.

"Enfants Perdu"

Joining the crossbowmen in this entry were 16 peasants based as light foot to represent the Enfants Perdu (Lost Children) who are recorded as playing a role at Laupen (1339), where they threw stones down onto Austrian troops.

Some Weirdness With Page Views

Over the past few days, I've noticed a massive leap in page views to more than double what I'd expect. It can't be explained by links from other blogs. I suspect that my blog is being webcrawled by various search engines.

Has anyone else noticed this on their blogs recently?


  1. Nice work. I like the rocks on the bases. I have not noticed the uptick in views you describe, but I haven't been very active in blogging lately.

  2. Excellent work as usual, Tamsin.
    About the increase in views, well, they seem to be slightly higher , but surely they didn't double.

  3. I do like it when you guys paint the everyday people in the historical periods. Nicely done Tamisin.

    My blog has flatlined as I haven't posted in 2 weeks. Look at your stats page and it should give you an idea of where the hits are coming from. Could be that a few guys have just found you and are going through your former posts because they like what you're doing.

  4. Really nice work, Tamsin!

    My Blogger stats are about 10 grand out from my flag counter stats and I think that's because of the web crawlers. There are some dodgy looking addresses which I suspect are the reason. Whatever you do don't click those out of curiosity!

  5. Very nice figures..."Les enfants perdus sont magnifiques"...
    Great work,

  6. Hi Tamsin,

    you can check in your page stats (under traffic sources and audience) where the hits are coming from. My guess is that it's hitspam, mostly from Russia. Site like yandex.ru Don't follow those links.

    Another possibility is that you've turned up in google searches. That should also show up in the traffic sources.

    It inflates your hit count a bit (my links from Russia are 6-7% of all my hits).

  7. Very nice, I really like the rocks on the bases.

  8. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the comments about the figures! :)

    Also, thanks for the suggestions. I'd already been looking at the stats page to try to figure out what the increase was due to. The bump in page views seems to be from the USA with google.com and google.co.uk being the top referring sites by a huge margin.

    @ Seb - the hit rate is definitely up. Normally I'd be getting around 200 a day. Over the past week, my daily hits have been:
    Monday - 209; Tuesday - 329; Wednesday - 386; Thursday - 546; Friday - 473; Saturday - 478; so far today - 325

  9. If it's google search hits (one of the boons of being on blogger) you can also see the search terms.