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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Update

Challenge Submissions

Another submission went in this afternoon - 32 Swiss halberdiers, which will score me 64 points. This would have placed me 7 points behind Ray, but he managed to sneak a unit of cavalry in, scoring him 52 points. And he has, apparently, got a load more stuff almost finished. It doesn't look as though I'll catch him then.

Also, having leapfrogged ahead of Fran the other day, he's zoomed past into 4th place with a huge entry. No way I'm going to catch him now either.

Completing my Swiss

The halberdiers will be the last of the Swiss for a little while. I've decided to hold off on the pikemen for now, until the mass of lead I ordered from Donnington today arrive. Then I'll paint them all up together - 256 pikemen! Plus some more handgunners, crossbowmen, artillery and the command stands....

What's next?

I've (re)started work on my Scythians. I'd left the light horse with the riders primed and the horses part-painted a few months back, but with the Swiss decision I needed something to paint up. I've managed to get a decent way through these today - horses almost finished (just metalwork and horsehair tassels to do) and the riders have had trousers and jackets done. I might manage to finish painting them tomorrow, so they may be based, flocked and tufted for submission to Curt on Wednesday all things going well. Like the Croats, these will be a fairly colourful bunch.

After these guys, I'll be switching back to 28mm and the Normans. This afternoon I washed the various (Conquest Games) infantry and knights sprues in warm soapy water, rinsed them and have left them to dry. At some point this week, I'm going to have to do a very big assembly session. Hmmm, maybe I should prep some more 15mm stuff to preserve my sanity?


  1. Those sneaky Rejects!

    I've managed to find myself in 16th position with a fair gap in front and behind me, so I haven't really found my competitive juices flowing.

    Looking forward to the Scythians!

  2. You never stop! Great work Tamsin.