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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Update

Challenge Painting - The Remaining Norms

Having taken Thursday and Friday night off from painting, I finished the first 12 of the Norman infantry (2 warlords, 2 bannermen and 8 "knights" on foot) yesterday. I was in two minds whether to wait until I'd finished the whole lot and submit them together or to send them in as two entries. And then I noticed that my next entry would be the 12th and it seemed appropriate to send in 12 figures for that, so I did. Hopefully the pics will go up on Curt's blog this evening.

I cracked on and finished painting the other 32 figures yesterday, then matt-sprayed and flocked them this morning. I've sent Curt the pics of these as my 13th entry.

What's Next?

Right now I haven't got any figures ready for painting (well, I do have some Swiss pikemen, but I'm waiting for those 23 figures I forgot to order to arrive). So, this afternoon I decided to prep some of the other Swiss in my recent big order - 24 crossbowmen, 24 handgunners, 12 artillery crew, 4 artillery pieces and some bits and bobs. They are currently being washed in warm soapy water. Later on I'll rinse and dry them. I might be able to put them on painting sticks and prime them tonight if things go well.

I will start prepping the pikemen I do have though, so that I can make a quick start on them once the missing 23 arrive. If I've got them prepped and primed by the time I finish the artillery and skirmishers, I'll be able to make a start on these bad boys. I might do them one rank at a time.

I'll also be base-coating a bunch of bases this evening and over the course of the week.

I won't be getting any/much painting done tomorrow as I'm going to the club to play Saga - the first outing for my Norms.


  1. Can't wait to see the rest of the Normans

  2. Normies Normies Normies...They' re coming... ;-)


  3. Well your production speed keeps going up, at this rate you will catch up with the cads in no time ;-)


  4. Very Nice work Tamsin, this output should have Ray on the back foot soon.

  5. @ Scotty and Marzio - well, you'll just have to wait a little longer as they have to be posted to Curt's blog before I can post them here :(

    @ Ian - I'm amazed how quickly I got these done. It did help having a couple of days of leave this week, which meant I could put in some extended sessions.
    As for cad-catching, there are only 2 people ahead of me that I can possibly catch - Ray and you!

    @ Andrew - hopefully, hopefully! But I bet he's got a massive batch on the go to sandbag us with right at the end of the Challenge.

  6. I'm willing to bet money that Rousell is sandbagging. Assume he is and do the same!

    Best of luck at your game.

  7. Good luck with the game Tamsin, you've got Ray worried!

  8. You'll be above me for a while Tamsin, that's for sure!!

  9. Looking forward to seeing the Normans. Good luck for the Saga game!

  10. @ Anne - I'm sure he is. Unfortunately I can't do that myself unless I take the next three/four weeks off work!

    @ Fran - he's worried? Oh, goodie! :)

    @ Ray - ahhh, so you are sandbagging. So, what is it? 500 15mm cavalry?

    @ Rodger - there seems to be a delay over at Castle Campbell with posting entries, so they're not up yet :(
    I've had to drop out of tonight's Saga games) as I woke up with a heavy cold this morning.