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Thursday, 7 February 2013

I Am A Space Marine....

....are you?

You may (or not) be aware that those craptastic shysters of the Evil Empire Of Nottingham are up to their dirty tricks again.

This time, they have bullied Amazon into dropping MCA Hogarth's "Spots the Space Marine" from their e-book listing on the grounds that they own the trademark to "Space Marine" in published fiction. This is despite the fact (easily confirmed by reading this Wikipedia entry) that the term has been used in literary science fiction since 1932 at least. As a self-published author, MCA Hogarth can't afford the legal fees to fight the case in the courts. The big danger is that by not contesting their claim, it could set a precedent for when they try it again.

You can read more about it here:

So, as my little protest against EEoN's bully boy tactics, I am proud to stand up and say:


Challenge Updates

My 9th entry has been submitted - the Scythian light horsemen. As I'd started painting the horses before the Challenge, only the riders will count towards my score but that's still 48 points.

However, I've now not got anything ready to paint, so it's assembly time. I'm in the process of assembling some 28mm plastic Normans from Conquest Games - 17 knights and 44 infantry. So far I've assembled the 17 horses and cut all the bits off their sprues. I've also raided some of the infantry sprues - the kite shields on the knights sprues don't have bosses, but this was corrected for the infantry.

All this assembly is likely to take me a few days, so it will be at least a week before any more figures are finished. I can see Ray extending his lead by a huge amount by then.


  1. I am a Space Marine as well. What bully boys they are. Own the word combination 'Space Marine'. Up Yours GW!!
    Looking foward to seeing your Normans. I am currently painting them as well but very slowly.

  2. What GW is doing is just like what Lone Wolf did with Army builder when they sent C&D's to Privateer Press and other sites telling them to remove all uses of the term 'army builder'. They did it to protect their own IP and try to stop it from becoming common place.

    Honestly, if they didn't pick such a generic term, neither GW or LW would have to resort to acts such as these. Space Marine and and Army Builder aren't ground breaking names in any aspect however, and makes both companies appear more like copyright trolls than companies.

  3. You go, girl! Space Marines of the Universe, unite!

    To infinity...and beyond!

    Hang on...that's a Space Ranger, not a Space Marine.

  4. I am a space marine! I think its wrong to simply claim a saying, if its not the name of your company then you should not be able to claim it! Especially when you did not come up with it!

  5. Well played. I posted something on my blog and twitter as well. About an hour later, Wil Wheaton posted a tweet and her site crashed from all the hits.

  6. I am A Space Marine! GW are Space Cadets! Typical act of a bully, pick on someone weaker (less financially capable), that themselves.

  7. I'm a Space Marine, and so is my wife.

  8. I´m a space cadet!!!..no wait a minute:-/ Again..I´m a space marine!!
    Everytime GW is mentioned these days it´s in connection with a lawsuit..meglomania seems to be a fitting word for what seems to be going on.

  9. I used to be a Space Marine, but I deserted. If anybody asks, you ain't seen me!

  10. Robert A Heinlein, a writer who used the term Space Marine long before GW started appropriating generic cultural terms, mentions a lunar national holiday in one of his books named (if memory serves correctly), "The Day We Killed All the Lawyers". Just an interesting fact, not suggesting anything, honest.

  11. Space Marine Space Marine Space Marine... ;-p to GW...

  12. I am a Space Marine and so is my dog

  13. @Lee Hadley, brilliant!

    I suppose I too am a Space Marine. Perhaps they could copyright "spess mreen."