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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Spots is Saved; Challenge Entry #9; On The Workbench

A bit of a busy post today!

Spots is Saved!

I am still a Space Marine!

The good news is that Amazon have relented and reinstated the Kindle edition of Spots the Space Marine on their stores (the print version was never dropped as far as I am aware).

Challenge Entry #9: 15mm Scythian Light Horse

My 9th entry consisted of 24 Scythian light horsemen. Unfortunately only the riders counted as I'd started work on the horses prior to the Challenge.

These figures didn't seem to have as much "texture" as other sculpts from Donnington, which meant that the Klear/ink coat didn't provide as much definition as normal.

So, here you go - 24 very colourful Scythians. At some point (probably after the Challenge) I'll finish off the rest of my Scythian allies contingent for FoG.

On The Workbench

A quick pic to show you what I'm working on right now.

Yup, 28mm plastic Normans from Conquest Games. There are 17 mounted "knights" and 44 infantry. It's taken me a couple of evenings to prep and assemble them, plus a couple of hours today to add the basing gunk. This evening I'll hopefully be able to prime them and maybe do the pre-highlighting (dry-brush with Iraqi Sand).

I did the assembly of the riders on the horses, held in place with a drop of rubber cement, then removed them and superglued them onto nails so that I can paint the horses and riders separately.

While I'm waiting for the basing gunk to dry, my plan is to prep some more 15mm 30YW cavalry - 12 harquebusiers/reiters and my 12 Hakkapelliita. That way if I get bored painting 28mm Nomrans I'll have something to switch to to keep the mojo going.


  1. Always a Space Marine.. ;-)

    To say the truth I don' t have any Scythian miniatures in my collection...but I like yours, really colourful :-)

    I' m tempted by 28mm Dark Age too...but too many other periods to finish...but who knows?...


  2. Those guys do take a ton of time so I am not surprised you will move on to something else. Mind you, those 28's are no speed boys. Good idea to be have others to one side so you can break up your work if you start to flag


  3. Love the Scythians, they're so colourful!

  4. Very impressive Scythians Tamsin! Looking forward to the Normans.

  5. love those colourful Scythians and I can't wait to see those barbarian Vikings

  6. Echoing the love for the Scythians!

    As for the Normans, now the fun will start.

  7. Nice job on the Scythians and looking forward to seeing the Normans progress.


  8. Good progress. Glad to hear that Spots the Space Marine has been saved by common sense.

  9. Glad you like the Scythians guys!

    the Normans will be a bit of a wait - there's a lot of painting to do to finish them!