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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Saturday Update

New Laptop

My old laptop died overnight. She had had a good, long life (just short of 5 years) and was past due for retirement and replacement by a younger model. Luckily I'd been forewarned by her reluctance to boot up yesterday, so had backed up my files to an external drive. Now I've just got to get used to the keyboard on the new one.

The Norms

Well, the knights are finished and pics have been sent to Curt, so hopefully they'll go up on his blog tonight so  I can post them here tomorrow. I'd finished painting them on Thursday and glued the riders to their horses. Last night I did the Klear/ink coat and today I sprayed them with matt varnish then tufted and flocked them. I need to order some 20x40mm steel bases to go underneath to allow me to transport them in boxes lined with magnetic sheet. That can wait a little while though.

So, the entry consists of 17 Conquest Games 28mm plastic Norman knights with hand-painted shields and pennant. That should give me a comfortable margin over my original target for the Challenge and a good boost towards my new target.

Next Bit Of Painting For The Challenge

With the Norman knights done, my evening was clear yesterday but I didn't fancy starting on the Norman infantry. Instead I decided to make a start on the Hakkapeliita and the Reiters. I got the horses almost finished and the undercoats on the riders' jackets and metalwork.

Here's a pic I took before I continued with them today:

This evening I've cracked on some more. I've managed, so far, to drybrush the metalwork (armour, sword blades, pistol/carbine barrels) and have painted the tack, saddle-cloths, faces, trousers and jackets. and the pistol and carbine stocks and the flagpole.

If I'm really lucky, I'll be able to finish painting these tomorrow, which should mean I can enter them in the Challenge on Monday!


  1. You should be able to haul in some good points on those Tamisin. Looking forward to seeing more of your hand painted shields as well.

  2. Looks like your painting downhill now, maybe catch those two devils you have had in your sites? Just remember to keep cooling that brush down


  3. Great work and a steady rate as well.


  4. Excellent progress, can't wait to see them

  5. @ Seb - well, I'm having trouble keeping up with some of the others. Besides, you have the little Generalissima distracting you from painting!

    @ Fran and Ray - cheers!

    @ Anne - yup, should be a nice little haul of points.

    @ Ian - painting downhill? Maybe, but I still think my new target is going to be tough to make. The Normans and these 30YW cavalry should put me ahead of those two, but I suspect they have some more stuff that they are about to submit!

    @ Ross - I'll be glad when the Challenge is over and I can down-shift a gear or two on the painting!

    @ Andrew - cheers!

    @ Scotty - cheers - they should be up soon I hope!