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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Challenge Entry #8: Swiss Halberdiers

My 8th entry in Curt's Challenge was the first of my Swiss heavy foot - 32 halberdiers. As you will notice from the link, my "blurb" was rather heavy with innuendo. I must have been in a rather silly mood when I wrote it.

My next entry is almost done. I've finished painting the Scythian light horse and they have just received their Klear/ink coat. I should be able to get them based before going to bed, which might allow me to finish them tomorrow, but it could be Thursday that they get finished.

15mm Swiss Halberdiers

What a strapping bunch of young men from the Alps they are too. Figures are from Donnington and their colours represent all of the cantons present at Morat (and probably Grandson as well).


  1. Very cool looking unit. I especially like the basing.

  2. Great job ! Nice lloking ! Congratulations !I like the basing too

  3. Nice figures Tamsin, love the mixed colours. I bought a handful of these to add into some of my Flodden units.

  4. ....and very pretty too Tamsin.

  5. I love the appropriately Alpine looking flowers too!