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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mid-Week Update


It seems to be clearing up now. Thank goodness! I can get back to uninterrupted painting again.

Challenge Painting

I've finished painting the first 32 figures of my initial Swiss contingent. They've had their Klear/ink coat and this evening I have based them. The plan is to get them sprayed with matt varnish in the morning, then do tufting and flocking in the evening giving me 64 points and putting me into 12th place ahead of Fran. Unless, of course, he submits more figures in the meantime....

I've made a start on the next batch of 32 figures as well. This group should paint up very quickly and I might be able to get them entered at the weekend. Then I can make a start on the final set of this initial tranche towards my medieval Swiss army.

Tomorrow evening I will try to remember to post the pics from Usk.


  1. I cannot believe, and do not understand, how you paint so much! :-) Seriously, is it hours every evening or have you just mastered the process?

    Is Klear/Ink like an Army Painter alternative? So like everything in base colours and then this Klear/ink mix all over to finish off? I've never been able to find Klear in a British supermarket..where do you find it?

    I'm studying your older posts now trying to work out how you get so much done. :-)

    Keep it up but don't burn out!

    (saga is waiting for me at the post office - I'd like to try an approach like yours when I get my warband)

    1. It's used a bit like AP Quickshade, but is water-based so none of those nasty solvent odours! The process is as you've guessed - base colours, Klear, matt varnish - at it's most basic, but you can do more complex colouring first. In the UK, the product is Pledge Multi-surface Wax. The inks I add are artist acrylics - I'm using Magic Color inks, Earth Brown and Quasar Black (40 and 5 drops per 100ml Klear).

      As for my painting, I usually manage about 1-2 hours most evenings, occasionally more plus 3-4 hours at the weekend.

  2. Glad you're feeling better T! Crack on with the Challenge but remember that health = rest, and I don't say that just because Fran bribed me to say that and slow you down. It wasn't really that big a bribe.

  3. Maybe he does...cue maniacal laughter!!!!!!!!

  4. good stuff Tasmin, keep it up and you will leave Fran in your dust, next stop Ray's coat tails
    Peace James

  5. @ Michael P - I'm glad I'm feeling better as well? Fran bribed you? I call shenanigans!

    @ Fran - is that maniacal laughter any different to your normal laughter? Didn't think so! ;)
    I somehow doubt that the 64 points I'll notch up tonight will be enough to leapfrog and stay ahead of you :(

    @ Ray - plodding may not be enough with Fran able to paint at work as well as home....

    @ James B - Ray's coat tails? I don't think so - I've seen what they've been dragged through and don't want to get anywhere near them, tyvm! ;p

  6. Can't wait to see the photos once their finished.