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Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday Update

Just a quick progress report as I didn't post yesterday.

Analogue Challenge

My "entry fee" has arrived safe and sound with Curt, and he's pleased as punch with it. Apparently only two of us have sent them in so far....

28mm Normans

I managed to prime them all on Saturday night, then dry-brushed them with Sky Grey yesterday morning to provide pre-highlighting. Thank goodness that's done!

I've started work on the knights. the horses have had their base colours applied and their washes. The riders have been dry-brushed with Oily Steel on the metal work (helmets, blades, chain mail, shield rims and bosses). The shield faces were then undercoated with Yellow Ochre and base coats applied (Dark Blue, Flat Green, Vermillion, Flat Yellow). I'm hoping to get backs of shields, spear/lance shafts and flesh done this evening for the riders and hopefully to get markings, hooves, tack and saddle cloths done for the horses as well.

The infantry will just have to wait until the knights are done!

15mm 30YW Cavalry (Harquebusiers/Reiters and Hakkapeliita)

Having left these in warm soapy water overnight, yesterday they were rinsed and left to dry. Since then I have glued horses onto painting sticks, attached the riders with superglue (and fitted a lance/flag-staff to one of the Hakkapeliita - I'd removed his sword and drilled out his hand during the prep) and primed them with gesso.

I'll probably paint one of these up between doing the Norman knights and the first half of the Norman infantry.