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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Painting Updates

After posting on Sunday I prepped the extra 6 figures I need for my late 30YW horse and all of the Swiss. Luckily the Swiss had very little to clean up in terms of flash and mould lines, so it didn't take very long. I then put them to soak in warm soapy water overnight.

Yesterday I rinsed them off, dried them and then stuck them onto painting sticks. Once the PVA had set I superglued the riders onto the horses and pikes into the hands of the Swiss pikemen. A couple of hours later I primed them all with gesso.

Today I managed to finish painting the Norman skirmishers and they have been given their Klear/ink coat. If I manage to get up early tomorrow morning, I'll be brave and throw the windows open so that I can do the matt varnish spray before heading off to work. That way I can flock the bases when I get home in the evening.

As there was nothing else ready to paint, I made a start on the extra 6 figures for my late 30YW horse units (2 troopers, 1 standard bearer, 3 officers) with the intent of getting them to the same stage as the 30 I was working on last week. I've managed to get very close and should be able to finish painting the whole lot tomorrow evening, but probably won't be able to get them based - that will need to wait until Thursday, then Friday should see them matt sprayed, flocked and tufted.

Once all those are done it will be decision time - which of the Swiss to do first? At the moment I'm thinking of doing the crossbowmen and enfants perdu as they should provide some quick points for the Challenge.


  1. great stuff, do you always use brush on primer then?
    Peace James

  2. Very productive....slow down....take a rest.

  3. Cheers guys!

    @ James B - yup, for 15mm and 25/28mm I only use brush on primer. When I get round to finishing my 6mm ACW starter armies they will be spray-primed. My flat is on the 2nd floor (US = 3rd storey) so I have to do spraying indoors which isn't particularly nice in the winter :(

    @ Fran - it's not me that needs to slow down, it's that co-worker of yours! ;)

  4. Your picking up speed now Tamsin.


  5. the skirmishers are indeed the way to go ;)

  6. Your being very productive Tamsin, nice work.

  7. Dear Tamsin,

    Several questions. First, what color gesso do you use since it does come in black, white and gray? I use Vallejo white primer but also have jars of gesso available for things like AFVs when I want the effect of black under painting without the effort. My second question relates to your collecting: have you done ancient armies? If so, what armies and scale?

    Lastly, an observation - it is very nice to see someone with your stick-to-itiveness and productivity. Oh, and you may want to use the extra fine primer spray for your 6mm figures - it does save detail.

    Curmudgeonly yours,

    The Celtice Curmudgeon

    1. Dear CC,

      I use grey gesso for most of my 15mm as I've found that the grey gives me the best balance for that size of figure. I do use the Vallejo polyurethane primers as well (black and white so far) but that has mainly been for 28mm. For the 6mm ACW Union troops I did towards the end of 2011 I used Humbrol acrylic matt white spray which didn't seem to obscure any detail. When I do the rest I'll use it again, but possibly with a brown ink wash before applying paint.

      I've only done one ancients army so far - Sarmatians (and their successors) although I've still got a few more lancers to finish painting. I did make a start on a Scythian/Saka allied contingent but it got put to one side and needs to be restarted soon. I've also made a start on a late medieval Swiss army.

      Thanks for you observation. I think a lot of my stick-to-it-iveness and productivity is down to my only having been back gaming for a bit over a year and wanting to have armies to play with. Once I've got some completed for various eras I expect that I'll slow down.

      Wargaming Girlily yours,


  8. My goodness Tamsin, you're giving some of the the big names a run for their money this year - keep going!