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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday update(s)

Just under 2 days left to enter my Prize Draw....

28mm Saxons

I've finished painting them, including some (imho) rather natty hand-painted shield designs and I've done the Klear coat. As with the Vikings, I used neat Klear on the shields, but used my Klear/ink mix on the rest of the figure. Now I've just got to wait until I have time in the morning (not to mention courage - it's bleedin' cold right now) to throw open the windows and spray them with matt varnish. Once that's done, the tufting/flocking should be a quick process and then I can send the pics to Curt for his blog, wait 24 hours or so and post them here.

15mm Late 30YW "Horse"

With work on the Saxons in abeyance until I can matt spray them, I made a start on the 30YW horse. All I've done so far is to whitewash the horses. With these I'll be doing a lot more greys, blacks, chestnuts and duns as I'm heartily sick of bays! For the riders, they'll be much more uniform than normal - buff coats, black/grey hats and just one colour each used for gloves and boots. I might even use the same colour for all the breeches.

Tomorrow evening should see the horses getting their base colours and the washes if I have time.

First Gaming Purchases of 2013

On Wednesday after work I picked up some paints and matt spray varnish from ModelZone in Holborn, then popped along to Orcs Nest as it was nearby. I was hoping they'd have Raven's Shadow, the new Saga supplement, but it was out of stock. I took a browse anyway and ended up picking up:
Saga Dice - for Anglo-Danes and Normans
"Wolves for the Sea" FoG:AM army list book - I'd been trying to find this for ages but nobody seemed to have it
"Sector Fleet" - a Traveller supplement from Mongoose. As a teenager, Traveller was one of my favourite RPGs and I've always had a thing about space navies so this find was impossible to resist buying. I'm slowly reading through it and there's plenty of information for developing campaign backgrounds and doing fluff for fleets in other universes.

First Miniatures Purchase of 2013

For my Normans I needed to order an extra horse sprue and decided to get a couple more bits. For a usable Norman faction in Saga, you do want to have some levy archers and maybe some crossbow armed warriors. As I was on the Conquest site anyway, I decided to see what they had and ended up ordering:
1 x horse sprue
1 x Knights command sprue
3 x weapons sprue
2 x 6 archers
1 x 8 crossbowmen

2nd FoG:AM Doubles Practice Game

Simon and I had been hoping to get another practice game ahead of Usk for tomorrow night, but we haven't been able to find opponents. Hopefully our one-and-only practice game (see my AAR in yesterday's post) will be enough to see us achieve 2nd-to-last place in the tourney. That's right - 2nd-to-last. We're aiming high!


  1. Looking forward to seeing those hand painted shields. Extra points!!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing those Saxons. 2nd-to-last place is high, if there are only two teams!! Good luck and have fun anyway.

  3. Pics of the Saxons should be up on Curt's blog tonight I hope, then here tomorrow.