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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Back From Usk; What's In The Bag?; Workbench Update

Well, we made it to Usk safe and sound yesterday, and got home safe and sound a bit over an hour ago. The roads to Usk on Saturday were fine all the way, and we arrived in plenty of time to get settled in, have a chat with people and to grab a coffee before the start time for the third game. I also picked up my order from Donnington Miniatures.

Simon and I managed to live up to the Central London club's motto - "It smacks of incompetence" - by achieving our target place of next-to-last by the end of Saturday's 2 games, only to drop back into last place on the Sunday.

Results of the games:
Round 1 vs David Bannister & Andy Barclay; Later Seleucid (163 BC); 0-25 total loss
Round 2 vs Neil Powell & Paul Owen; Mid Republican Roman (190 BC); 9-11 losing draw
Round 3 vs Patrick Dale; Later Carthaginian (202 BS, Hannibal in Africa); 5-15 losing draw*
Round 4 vs John Patrick; African Vandals with Later Moorish allies (493 AD); 0-25 total loss**

* they had 3 x 2-base BGs of Nelliephants! Horsey armies no likey!
** we did at least manage to fragment one of his BGs, but 1 attrition point from a 15 BG army wasn't enough to make the score 1-24

We had fun, and I have taken pics of all the games. I'll probably do a captioned picture AAR of all 4 games tomorrow or at some point this week.


What's In The Bag?

A plastic baggy, but what's in it?

Some more plastic baggies and a piece of paper!

24 horses

12 "Hakkapellita" and 12 Harquebusiers/Reiters in lobster helmets

The 6 extra figures (2 troopers, 1 standard bearer, 3 "officers"I've ordered to complete my late 30YW "horse"

10 battalion guns

I've decided to use one of the officers with the "Hakkapellita" and one of the Hakkapellita as an officer with the "horse".

Workbench Update

After my post on Friday, I had a think about what I want to paint next for the Challenge. I need to take a mental break from 30YW and 28mm Dark Ages figures, so I decided it was time to show my Swiss some love. I got the figures out from the box and made a start on prepping them bu drilling the hands of the pikemen.

Over the next couple of weeks you can expect to see me paint:
a 12-base (48 figure) pike unit
8 bases of halberdiers (32 figures)
8 bases of crossbowmen (16 figures)
8 bases of "enfants perdu" (16 figures)
a command group (4 figures)

I will almost certainly be ordering the rest of the figures I need to complete the army before the Challenge finishes. I might be able to save some money by ordering Donnington's starter army, but would want to check some details and would definitely need to order some extras.


  1. Well, I could say you had a lot of adventures ;)

    And I'm also doing some Swiss at the moment...

  2. Glad to hear it went well despite the rotten weather

  3. Well fun is what it's all about and a good move to have a break in the painting of your two main entrants. I love to spread the love between different armies


  4. Great to see you back safely, Tamsin! Another impressive lead hoard to be prepared I see!!! Good luck!

  5. Good work coming last, a very honorable place (anything more smacks of trying).
    Are the Donnington figure less covered in flash than they used to be? I love the sculpts but the last ones I had a very long time ago had to have major surgery to remove the flash.

  6. Thanks all - I had a great time.

    @ Seb - we'll have to compare our Swiss at some point then!

    @ Ian - I think switching to something different every so often when you're doing big projects is the best way to maintain the painting mojo.

    @ REDTROOP - how much flash depends very much on which of their ranges. I guess it's mostly down to how old the production moulds are. I've never had to resort to drastic surgery when prepping the figures - usually just a quick going over with a rat-tail needle file is all that's needed. The Swiss I was doing last night had hardly any flash/mould lines and most of them I didn't need to do anything to.

  7. Shame about the loses, but I bet you still enjoyed yourself.