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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Challenge - Gripping Beast Vikings Update

Don't forget my Prize Draw!

The Vikings are almost finished. All that's left to do is:
Highlight metals (armour and weapons)
Final dry-brush of basing texture
Shield designs
Klear coat (no ink - I've done washes already)
Matt varnish spray
Tufting & flocking

With a little bit of luck I'll have them completed by Saturday afternoon. But here's a WIP pic, to keep you going:


  1. been a productive day for you I see.
    Peace James

  2. Great painting there Tamsin!

  3. I love the colours - Dark Ages figures can be a bit dull at times I find. A bit of colour livens them right up!

  4. The Tamisin painting machine in operating at full steam!!!! I've got your figure almost done. I decided to make you a Mistress of The Bow. And yeah, you're bodacious :)

  5. Looking good and much further than my efforts, they are still in the box

  6. Great so far, Everyone's been so busy! Need to do some serious painting.

  7. Thanks all!

    @ JamesB - not much done that day, the pics show them after a couple of days of painting sessions.

    @ Paul - I like to have some colour in my Vikings

    @ Anne - ooohhh! I'm soooo looking forward to seeing my figure for your story. Mistress of the Bow eh? :)

  8. Good work, progress and tip as well, Tamsin! You made me realize I need to do a clear coat on my Saga figs before they get beat up on the tabletop. Also, doing the basing first worked out well. I'm going to give that a go in my next batch.

    Good luck in the Great Race!