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Saturday, 26 January 2013

28mm Norman Skirmishers

They've been up on Curt's blog for a couple of days now, so time to show them here - the 28mm Norman skirmishers from Conquest Games.

Ray and Fran have been submitting big loads, which means I'm lagging behind them a bit. I doubt I'll catch Ray, but I might be able to overhaul Fran on the table!

I didn't finish the 30YW horse or get any painting done yesterday - not long after I got to work I started feeling cold to the bone, achey and could feel a cough building. Not a cold for once, but my first "cough" for several years. I've managed to do the tufting & flocking on the 30YW horse today and a little bit of painting on some Swiss- just the undercoat and dry-brush of the metalwork and the flesh. Hopefully I'll be in a better state physically tomorrow and will be able to crack on with them.

28mm Normans from Conquest Games

These were great to paint up. I tried a couple of things different to the Vikings and Saxons:
1) Basing was a mix of ballast and modeling paste. This proved much easier to deal with than PVA/ballast.
2) I primed them black then gave a heavy dry-brush of Iraqi Sand and a light dry-brush of Pale Sand to provide some pre-highlighting.

The pre-highlighting seems to have worked quite well, much better than pre-shading (dark wash over white primer) that I've tried before.


  1. Lovely looking Normans Tamsin!

  2. Yes I still like the work you did on these. Hope you get back in order so you can chase Fran down. Ray is right behind me, I know he will pass me at some point, it's just timing that's all


  3. These came out really well, interesting technique.

  4. Really nice, I like the way you tied the units together with a little color on the quivers.

  5. These look great. I haven't seen the foot figures painted before. It looks like they have sorted out the issue with the boss-less kite shields on the mounted figures.

  6. Great looking figures...

  7. Nicely done Tamsin, love the uniformity of the quivers to help link the unit.

  8. Great looking figures there Tamsin

  9. Cheers guys!

    @ Sean and Michael - the quivers were done like that to make it easier to split them into two units of 6 for games.

    @ Legatus - these are the metal figures. I've checked my sprues of the plastic knights and they still have boss-less shields, but it seems to have been sorted out of the plastic infantry.

  10. Nice painting ! I have played normans with and without archers and my opponents prefered without... 12 archers with 8 crossbowmen...