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Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Wednesday Workbench 30 October

Progress has been grindingly slow over the past few days as this lurgy keeps coming and going. I've also had to spend a fair bit of time visiting various pharmacies to see if they are able to get hold of one of my prescriptions - without joy as it seems that none of the suppliers have any in stock for them to order in. I'm currently waiting for my GP to get in touch about amending my prescription; hopefully they won't take too long as I'll be running out in less than two weeks.

However, I was able to combine my search with a bit of shopping and found these chaps in Poundland:

They should make some useful terrain for fantasy or pirate games.

But back to the workbench!

I've finally finished painting the support weapons for my Paras; I'll be doing the varnishing tomorrow and gluing the Vickers MMGs onto the gunners' bases:

I've also textured the bases of the Foundry Paras I had bought at SELWG, assembled the hand carts, added some extra details to the jeeps and trailer and a 2" mortar to one of the paras:

Hmm, seems I missed a bit of mould-line on the beret...

Here's a slightly better look at the dragoons, lizardmen and combat droids:

I've also finished prepping the barbarian horde. The infantry and one mount have been glued onto bases:

A couple of the infantry needed pinning. The cavalry are also prepped, but I need to order some 60x30mm oval bases for them as they are slightly too big to go on 50x25mm ones. I've also ordered a few more figures to make up the units to the correct numbers for Dragon Rampant - I should end up with plenty of options for games.

As I have the spray booth out to do the varnishing tomorrow, I'll probably leave it up afterwards and get  all of these primed.


  1. Sorry to hear about the continued health problems, hope the Doc can get it sorted on the prescription, always a pain, my pharmacy seems to mess mine up every month !
    Great work on the Para's and lots of interesting bits to come as well

  2. Aha, time to show your skill on a skull!
    I too hope your pharmacy problems are sorted soon so you can relax!

  3. So sorry about the continued bout of lurgy, perhaps the cold weather will help lill some of the germs off? Lots more prep done though.

  4. @ Dave Stone - thanks! This lurgy is just annoying, but isn't interfering totally with my projects as I can still do prep when I can't paint :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! Not sure that the skulls really need much doing to them apart from basing :)

    @ Geordie - thanks! :)

    @ Michael A - cheers! Plenty done, more to come! :)