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Monday, 21 October 2019

SELWG 2019: The Games

As promised yesterday, here are the pics I took of all the games at SELWG this year. Comparing the programme to what was actually there, four of the listed games were missing, but there were six games present that weren't on the list.

The pics:

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society: Lissa 1866 - Ironclads at War

Cheshunt Wargames: Mosquito Strike Norway (won Best In Show)

 SEEMS: Terminator - The Fight Back

Essex Warriors: What A Tanker!

GLC Games Club: Lamenting Pikemen

Gravesend Gamers Guild: WH40K Kill Team

Real Time Wargames: 6mm North West Frontier action

Society of Ancients: Hydaspes 326BC

Fire When Ready/Emotionally 14: Star Wars Legion

The AT-AT was playing the Imperial March when I took the photos

Milton Hundred: Kings of War Vanguard

Warlord Games: Black Seas

Shepway Wargames Club:  WW1 game set in Belgium (won Best Scenery)

Crawley Wargames Club: Aztecs vs Conquistadores (won Best Participation Game)

Deal: Invasion of Elba 1944 "The Real Guns of Navarone" (won Best Demonstration Game)

Tonbridge Wargames: Boxer Rebellion

Simon Miller: Mancetter (To The Strongest)

Gravesend Wargamers Club: "Get Me To The Church On Time" (Chain of Command)

Newbury & Reading Wargames Club: Romans vs Persians

South London Warlords: Dark Side Of The Moon

Friday Night Fight Club: Dino Hunt

The Pit Gaming Shop?: Kings of War Vanguard

Maidstone Wargames Society: Aerial Combat

British Model Soldier Society: Battle of Tet el Kebir (54mm)

Robert Dunlop: 5mm WW1 Eastern Front - Battle of Gnila-Lipa 1914


Wargames Collection Calculator: Battle of Little Bighorn (6mm)

There were three tables for different parts of the battle

Phew! That's the lot!


  1. Thanks for sharing Tamsin, always amazed at how much work you put in to photograph all the games at a show

  2. Nice pics! Some really great looking games. Really like that Dino Hunt table with the volcano.

  3. So many great looking games Tamsin, thank you for sharing these.

  4. I'm so jealous (as usual). We have no public meetings like this in my country.

  5. Thanx for sharing, some interesting games there.

  6. Great photos Tamsin, and great to ses you again.

  7. That is a really lovely set of games!

  8. good looking set of games there. I like that most of them have that "I could do that" feel.

  9. Diversified and great looking tables, splendid show!

  10. Wonderful set of pictures. The battlescape of Belgium circa WWI was a real winner - I understand it won best in show for terrain. As I looked at it I wondered if you let your imagination ask the question "I wonder how my newly painted paras would do on this battlefield?"

  11. @ Dave Stone - thanks! It really doesn't take that long to take photos of the games, which I'd be looking at anyway - resizing them and doing the post takes longer! :)

    @ Simon Q - cheers! The dino hunt does look a fun game :)

    @ Michael A - you're welcome! :)

    @ Moif - thanks! :)
    That's a shame about you not having any shows like these :(

    @ Hendrid - definitely some interesting games :)

    @ Ray - thanks! Good to see you again too :)

    @ Herkybird - it was a good mix :)

    @ Marinergrim - they do have that look, don't they? :)

    @ Phil - yup, a good variety :)

    @ Paul's Bods - it was good enough to win "Best Scenery" :)

    @ Jerry - thanks! Not for that game, but I was thinking along those lines for the "Get Me To The Church On Time" table! :)