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Sunday, 20 October 2019

SELWG 2019: The Loot

I've been to the SELWG show today. I got home about two hours ago, but needed some time to sort the loot, sort the photos, catch up on Facebook, emails etc before writing this post.

It was a bit quieter than normal, particularly after midday. There were also some traders who hadn't turned up, and two of the listed games weren't there either (but there were several games that weren't listed).

I met up and chatted with various people during the day. From the blogosphere/other social media the first two I met were Simon Miller and Ian Notter while I was getting a coffee before joining the queue - they were having a breakfast break after setting up the Mancetter game. I also bumped into Ray and Postie, Bob Cordery, Clint and Brad Harmer-Barnes. Almost as soon as I popped downstairs I finally got to meet and chat with Fraser (von Kettering on YouTube) - he was trying to persuade me to set up a channel, but I have enough of a job keeping up with this blog (and don't really have the facilities to do video right now - maybe in the future).

I also bumped into a number of CLWC members - Mike R, Clive M, Ian G, Jerry J, Stan S, Martin B, Elliot W and Martin vT - at various points during the day.

As for the loot, I managed to get everything which was on my "definitely buy" list and most of the things on my "see what they look like" list. And a few odd bits which caught my eye.

Lots of loot

Bases, dice, paint

Germy's 2mm large and medium mecha from GZG -
suitable as man-sized robotic combat units for 15mm

Pack of SYW Russian dragoons from Essex

Some additions for my Paras -
the Home Guard pack is just (for now) for the motorbike

There may be Napoleonic Russians in the future...

Some sci-fi scenery bits for Stronty Dog etc

More MDF terrain - buildings from Sarissa, greenhouse from Blotz

A horde of Barbarians from Battlezone Miniatures -
these are, I am told, the old Grenadier range

Yes, my purse is considerably lighter!

I'll be posting photos of the games tomorrow.


  1. Very nice haul Tamsin, and nice to hear you met up with so many bloggers, especially glad to hear Clint was about

  2. Good buys! I am sure you will have fun making and painting them!
    I saw that Blotz greenhouse, looks like making it will be a bit of a pane...

  3. That's a good haul Tamsin, hope you had a good day.

  4. Nice loot - lots of options for AHPC X entries!

  5. Looks like an addiction :D

  6. Lovely shopping... We can't wait to see all this painted!

  7. @ Ray - it is indeed :)

    @ Dave Stone - cheers! It's always good to meet up with folks :)

    @ Herkybird - the barbarians will definitely be fun to paint :)

    @ Neil Scott - they should keep me busy for a while :)

    @ Michael A - I did have a good day, thanks :)

    @ Martin C - not as much as I have been known to buy at shows :)

    @ Paul O'G - I think it will just be the barbarians that appear in AHPC X, the rest are likely to be painted before then :)

    @ Moif - but a wonderful addiction :)

    @ L'Empereur - the Paras and dragoons should be painted fairly soon, the barbarians sometime over the winter :)

  8. Decent haul right enough, that'll keep you busy for a day or two :-)

  9. Blimey, that's a lot of stuff!! I was planning on going but got diverted into dog walking instead...probably just as well as I really shouldn't be buying anything else.