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Sunday, 27 October 2019

Sunday Update 27 October

Despite my grotiness slowing things down, I have managed to finish painting the next set of Paras - just the support weapons themselves to paint, which should be a pretty quick job to do tomorrow. All of the figures and weapons will then get varnished on Tuesday.

I've also been prepping my SELWG purchases:

The stuff on the rear two boards is prepped, the figures on the front board are being prepped (I should finish them tonight).

I've realised that I need to buy a few more figures from Battlezones for my barbarian warband. I've also had a slightly mad idea that will see some other purchases for this army, but I'm afraid I'll have to leave you in suspenders on that for now!


  1. Fantastic work as always Tamsin, and lots to look forward to seeing as well as some surprises by the sound of it !

    1. Cheers! As it's you, I'll give a little hint - their may be a unit inspired by the champion's mount ;)