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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Thanks To The Winners; Russian Grenadiers

First off, I'd like to tank all the prize draw winners for getting in touch with me so quickly last week. The voucher winners have already been sorted out. As for the winners of the figure selections, I'm hoping to get those sent out within the next two weeks - I'll be emailing you when they are posted with the tracking references.

SYW Russian Grenadiers

Yesterday I did set off for work, despite having a sore throat. Whilst on the tube, someone stepped on my toes and it was when I went to ask them if they could move and no sound came out that I realised I'd lost my voice. So, off at the next stop and head back home, email my boss, back to bed after sucking a Strepsil and having a hot drink.

In the evening I was feeling a bit better and could manage a hoarse whisper so I figured I was OK enough to make a start on the Russians. I figured that trying to paint all four regiments and the artillery in one go wasn't a sensible move, so I decided to go with the grenadiers. I actually got a reasonable way through:

My voice had returned properly today (still a bit scratchy) and my throat wasn't swollen any more, so it was back to work. However, this evening I've been feeling a bit drained and haven't done any painting. I'll probably only get the grenadiers done before Monday's game, especially as I've got to paint this bleedin' complicated flag (or at least an impressionistic approximation of it) for both regiments:

Still, at least I won't ever have to paint them again - there were only four grenadier regiments and I've already done the other two.


  1. Tough cookie. My 'cold' ( probably typhoid or something) floored me.

  2. That's one freaky deaky flag. Hope ya voice gets back to you and you feel better soon.

  3. get well soon. No work place can survive without someone like you for long.

  4. I remember painting that flag, its a right pain to get right, I wish Essex wouldn't have sculpted flags on this range, just be thankful you've not got to paint any Austrian flags, they make this one look like childsplay!!! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. Get better soon! And that flag looks very tricky in that scale! 25 mm flags are hard to paint so I can imagen what 15 mm is.
    You need good eyes! ;-)


  6. I cheated, got Lancashire figures with bare flagpoles, then downloaded and printed the flags from WarFlag!
    Glad you're feeling better now!

  7. Good to see you battling on and these look rather splendid. Also what a lovely chap Alf is, very generous man so thank you again.

  8. That flag looks horrendous to do. Hope you're better soon.

  9. Good to know you're getting better, I love the Russian 7YW army, but that flag....