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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sunday Workbench

It's been a little while since I did one of these, so I thought I should make an effort.

Now that the builders have finished, I've been able to set up my painting desk in a temporary home in my lounge:

Once I've got rid of some old furniture and got a few new bits in, I'll be relocating it into my second bedroom, which will become my painting and figure/terrain storage den. However, as that won't be for a few weeks, I needed to get it set up so that I can get some painting done in the meantime.

So, what's on the workbench?

Seven Years War Russians!

Infantry (two regiments of grenadiers, two of musketeers) and artillery crew for two guns.

Two regiments of cuirassiers, two of hussars, commanders, limbers and guns. Since taking the pics I've glued the riders on, assembled the limbers and started assembling the guns (wheels on, barrels to do once the wheel glue has set).

I'm going to try to get the infantry and the artillery painted this week so that they're ready for a big game on Monday. However, that might be pushing it - I'm at the club tomorrow night for a WW1 naval game and down at my dad's next weekend, leaving me just 4 evenings (5 if I make a start tonight).

The cavalry will get painted over the next couple of weeks if I manage to get them primed.


  1. Blimey that looks ever so neat and tidy, Tamsin. How long will it last? ;-)

    1. I'd like to get one of those paint stands. It'll make my life much easier.

  2. A dam site more tidy than my painting desk - and I actually spent time today tidying things up!

  3. It is great to see a smart desk, it really helps get things done. I am impressed!

  4. Now that's a tidy workspace - mine's a bomb site at the moment with paint pots covering most of it. But I'm working on it. Slowly.

  5. You are obviously Russin' to get an army on the table!

  6. How tidy and organised! Puts me to shame :-)

  7. I should set up my paints like that! Looking forward to seeing the Russians. Hope we get a report of the game.

  8. I enjoy the workbench posts. How goes your cold?

  9. Far too organised!!! Far far too Organised!

  10. @ Blax - give me a chance! It's only been set up for a day or two! :)

    @ Phil - look on Amazon or Ebay for nail polish racks :)

    @ Legatus - it only looks neat because I've just set it up! :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! :)

    @ Lee B - it does help that this is just temporary so most of the normal clutter isn't there :)

    @ Solo - I'm not sure that the neatness will last too long ;)

    @ Francis - cheers! :)

    @ Dannoc - give it a week and I'll post the difference! :)

    @ Dave D - well, I hadn't had a chance to mess it up when the pics were taken ;)

    @ Herkybird - for that pun you shall be sent to the Gulag! ;)

    @ Millsy - I suspect the tidiness is just temporary ;)

    @ Whisk - the cold is still with me, but not as nasty now thanks :)

    @ Loki - thanks! :)

    @ Clint - give it a few days :)

    @ Gary - posh? You clearly don't know me! :p

  11. Great looking desk! Looking forward to the painted figures!