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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Salute Pt 1 - Bloggers and Loot

I've been home for a few hours now, but fancied a bit of time to recover (and warm up again) before doing any post-Salute posts. Which does mean that several other people have already been posting their thoughts and pics.

This year I took up the offer of a press pass, which meant I could get in free and early. With that in mind, I got up early, headed out early and got to the Excel just before 8.30. As I'd only had a glass of juice before leaving, I decided to grab a coffee and pain au raisin before going into the hall.

It was quite interesting to see the main hall pre-onslaught, with all the traders and games being set up. And rather chilly as the big doors for vans and trucks were all open and there was a rather cold wind. Being in early meant I got a chance to wander around and speak to a few traders I know before it got hectic.

I did bump into a few fellow bloggers before the 10am "open doors":


Ray and Postie on the flanks

...and many more at the 1pm bloggers' meetup:

Always good to see this big fecker:

The reunion of the Bromantics:

I did have a list for purchases and I didn't deviate too much from it. Partly because some of the figures I wanted weren't in stock.

So, onto the loot pics:

All the lead and resin puchases

Chicago Way rules and some more MDF terrain (TT Combat) for Salutesville

Bad Squiddo's female WW2 Russians

Copplestone cops for Curt; Pulp Figures seamen for me

Superheroes & Villains - these are for a friend at work. Honest!

15mm Indonesian grav tanks and APCs from Brigade

6mm ACW Cavalry

10mm Lizardmen - these are for statues/friezes for my Mexicagrave project

Some Blue Moon 15mm packs for "En Garde"

15mm SYW Russians from Essex - they're sending the other 3 packs on Monday

Tomorrow I'll post my other pics, the ones of the games and trade stands.

You may or may not want to know if the builders had actually finished in my flat by the time I got home. Well....no. There's not much left to do though, mostly cleaning up. It would have been nice if they had cleaned up the paint and plaster splats on my furniture and windows today, as then I could have spent tomorrow sorting things out from the boxes they are currently in. Then again, as I can't do that, I can spend tomorrow trying to recover from today!


  1. i thoroughly enjoyed Salute and made off with much loot, looks like you did yourself proud Tamsin!

  2. Glad it was good. Lots of things to play with, both animate and inanimate

  3. A pleasure as always Tamsin to see you from the big fecker (although I look like I'm having a fit in one of the pics).

  4. Lovely to see you Tamsin. Sorry I was unable to chat at the end there as a queue of people suddenly appeared wanting my attention! Hopefully we'll meet up,somewhere else.

  5. Great to see you again Tamsin (and the other bloggers too). Wonderful haul and I'm looking forward to seeing those Pulp buildings getting some attention in the future. take very good care :-)

  6. Grand haul Tamsin. Looking forward to the Chicago Way review,, and the buildings

  7. Sounds like a cracking day. What a loot haul!

  8. That's quite a haul...makes mine look quite modest!

  9. So great that you got to see Lurker, too. Very cool.

  10. Haul aside, good to see that big Irishman after he jumped ship! ūüôā

    When I decide to sell a kidney, iI'll likely make it down if only to get in on the group photograph ūüėČ

  11. Great haul! And are you sure those superheroes are for someone else..?

  12. A very good loot haul. A few surprises in the list but I am sure they will all fit in very well indeed with your other forces.

  13. What a great pile of swag - pity about the company though! :-)

  14. That's quite a bit of loot you managed to gather! Nice meeting you as well!

  15. Nice! Time got away from me and I missed the blogger meet-up, as when I thought it must be nearly time for it it was 1:45 already!

  16. Large blogger's gathering this year, sorry to have missed it again!

  17. Thanks for sharing the pics. Was great to see you and all the others again.
    And wow what a big haul of figures....

  18. Great loot haul Tamsin. Was lovely to see you again. Will be posting up my haul, pics and thoughts shortly.

  19. Grat to see you again Tamsin, but we just didn't have enough of a natter, maybe next time. If it's ok with you I'm going to steal that Bloggers photograph?

  20. That is a haul and how cool that you get to meet up with so many of your fellow bloggers face to face. Good times!

  21. A pleasure to meet with you yesterday Tamsin,
    Cheers Roger.

  22. Now thats wht you call a blog haul!! Some great pics and you evem got one of Fran laughing!?!?!?

  23. @ Da Gobbo Grotto - glad you had a good time too. I did do myself proud with my haul :)

    @ Martin C - I think the animate things might object if you tried to play with them! ;)

    @ Gordon - but surprisingly light compared to my haul of previous years :)

    @ Francis - always good to see you too. I think that pic was when Postie was "tickling" Ray :)

    @ Henry - lovely to see you too. I imagine that you get rather swamped with folks wanting to chat with you, so no problem about not being able to have a decent natter - maybe at one of the smaller shows later in the year? :)

    @ Blax - good to see you too. I reckon the buildings will have to wait a couple of months until I can reliably do some spray painting outside.

    @ DaveD - cheers! I've started drafting a "read-through only" review of them which will get posted at some point this week. Let's just say that they look like they should be simple and fun :)

    @ Millsy - it was a good day and a pretty good haul :)

    @ Alastair - my haul wasn't as much as some years, but still rather a lot :)

    @ Whisk - it was good to see the big fella :)

    @ Gary - selling your kidneys? Now that's dedication :)

    @ Natholeon - of course I'm sure :)

    @ Clint - surprises? I'm guessing the superheroes/villains and the Bad Squiddo female Russians are what you're thinking of. Well, the former are for a friend and the latter are just something I fancy painting up :)

    @ Paul - what on earth are you suggesting? The company was grand :)

    @ Samuli - it was quite a bit of loot! Lovely to meet you too :)

    @ myinubliss - shame you couldn't make the photo, but it's easy to get caught up talking to people :)

    @ Simon Q - cheers! :)

    @ Markus - good to see you again too. It's just a few figures to keep me going.... :)

    @ Carl - thanks! Good to see you again as well :)

    @ Michael A - next time we will have to have a proper natter :)

    @ Monty - it was a fair haul compared to some I know about. Meeting up with other bloggers is always good, although there are some faces in that pic that I didn't get to meet/chat with :)

    @ Roger - lovely to meet you too. It wasn't until I got home that I realised that we had emailed a few years ago when I was buying some Chumbondas [you are that Roger aren't you?] :)

    @ Ray - not my most expensive Salute haul, but possibly the most bulky. I think that pic of Fran laughing was when Postie was tickling you :)

  24. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us! Good to see some familiar faces of fellow bloggers!
    Nice haul BTW!


  25. It was good to meet you. Nice haul. Race you to get our respective hauls painted? ;)

  26. @ Brendon - cheers! :)

    @ Peter - you're welcome! :)

    @ The Responsible One - nice to meet you too. It may be a while before I get this haul painted - it will be a few more weeks before I've got my painting area fully set up again :)