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Saturday, 2 April 2016

AHPC6 - The Bonus Theme Rounds

A little bit of admin I forgot to include in my other posts this week - if you haven't already done so, please pop over to the bonus theme round blog and vote on your "Choice of the Challenge" - voting closes sometime tomorrow. You can vote for more than one Challenger's entries so it might be worth opening the link in two tabs, one to view and one to vote. The options on display are those that have been selected by the Challenge participants (we could make three nominations each). I'm there in the mix for my "body of work".

But let's get back to what this post is all about.

There were six bonus theme rounds this year, and I submitted entries to three of them. And somehow achieved podium finishes in two of those three rounds. "Blimus!", to quote the late, great Sid James.

For the Nostalgia theme I submitted this piece, "Millsy The GIMP"

"And just how does that fit into the Nostalgia theme?" you ask. If you scroll down to the bottom of that post you will find out.

This submission actually saw me taking Silver in that round.

I skipped the next three theme rounds, so my second entry was for the 5th ("Nautical") round. I took the opportunity to make my entry the first part of my revenge on Ray "Budgie Smuggler" Roussel for his scurrilous attack on myself and Anne in the previous ("L'Amour") round.

It was quite fitting that I was able to make use of a figure that Anne had sent me a while ago. I didn't want to make the revenge obvious from the title, so called it "What Shall We Do With The Drunken Pirate?" - the text accompanying the pics told the story. I got Bronze for this one, against some stiff competition.

I also entered the final theme round "Risk Takers, Gamblers and Daredevils". I had hoped to use that for part 2 of my revenge, but the figure I needed didn't arrive in time. Which left me in a bit of a quandary. I didn't want to use the figure I was planning on for my Curtgeld (the same theme) and had to wrack my brains quite a bit. And then inspiration struck, leading me to paint up the figures for "It's The Pits, Baby!".

Well, what could be riskier than autoduelling? OK, perhaps consuming food and drink from Pedro's food van in the pits. All thirteen figures were painted on the afternoon of the day we had to submit them - not bad work! I didn't place in that round, but I didn't really expect to (not that I'd expected to place in the other two rounds either).

So, that leaves three more summary posts to do - Mexicagrave, Choson Koreans and the character figures.

It looks as though I'm going to hit 500,000 page views tomorrow or Monday. I'd better do a Prize Draw for that (in combination with the one I still haven't done for my 4th Blogday).


  1. I enjoyed watching all the challenge madness this year, the Pirate was a great entry

  2. Spiffing work on all counts Tamsin! Even the piss-take on me!!

  3. These were a wonderful success and certainly got the rivalry going.

  4. I always love those bonus rounds! That first one, I thought it was how they would bake bread in the future! :-D
    Congrats on the medals!
    And you passed 500.000 hits! Congrats again!