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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Russian Grenadiers Day Two

Well, evening two! After yesterday's non-event, I managed to get a decent amount done on the grenadiers this evening - the red facings on their coats, the straps for their cartridge boxes, the musket slings and the gaiters:

Although I realised when I was editing this pic that I'd somehow missed one gaiter! I've just touched it up.

Tomorrow evening I'll be doing the hair, the black bits (including undercoats for metal parts) and highlighting the green jackets. If things go well, I might even get the metal bits done. that will just leave those bleedin' flags to do on Friday night. If I can also get them touched-up, varnished and glued onto bases in that session I'll be able to take them with me to my Dad's at the weekend and do the basing while I'm there.


  1. They look better and better Tamsin! You make me want to paint my 1/72 Russian Grenadiers!


  2. Very productive, looks like the new painting set up suits you.

  3. You're a dab hand with these 15 mm. Great stuff Tamsin

  4. Looks great. Have a fun weekend.

  5. @ Peter - thanks! Go on - paint them; you know you want to :)

    @ Natholeon - cheers! :)

    @ Clint - it does seem to be working well. I think I need another light though :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! :)

    @ Dannoc - 15mm is my main scale, so I've had to get good at painting them :)

    @ Whisk - thanks! Have a boogie-boogie weekend :)

    @ Dannoc (2nd comment) - don't I always? Oh, you mean the grenadiers. Well, I guess they look pretty good too ;)

    1. you got me - I wasn't talking about the grenadiers, though now you mention it they look pretty good too.

    2. As you asked, the first ones are painted! Have a look here: http://peterscave.blogspot.be/2016/05/italeri-6006-russian-grenadiers-part-1.html
      Thank you Tamsin!



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