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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Salute Pt 2 - Pics Of The Show

And now it's time for the photo dump! With a few comments interspersed.

Photos taken in the hour before "open doors":

The queue at 9am


Big new building from TT Combat

...over 3 foot tall

...errr, maybe not. Besides, where would I store it?

ECW "what if?" game

Full Thrust games from the Mechworld.de guys

The queue at 9.50am

Renedra's new plastic modular castle

I quickly headed up to the far end a few minutes before the floodgates were opened...

The Chicago Way - Great Escape Games



Road Warrior game

Knight Models - Batman and Marvel games

4Ground's new Gothic City range. Drool...

Dalauppror's game

6mm Cold War game

Sarissa Precision - some of their new railways range

Flames of War, Pacific theatre?

Critical Mass Games


  1. Well done Tamsin. You managed to get some of the games I either missed or couldn't get near for the crowds later on!

  2. Lots of cool games, looks exhausting

  3. My word you got around, you must have borrowed Ray's press pass to get in there that early. ;)

  4. Good pics from the proper press!

    1. This is actually from Francis Lee who is using my account!

  5. Excellent photos of many terrific looking game layouts.
    Many high quality layouts. Which game made the greatest impression on you?

  6. Great pictures - totally jealous!

  7. Great pics Tamsin!! Gotta get mine sorted!!!

  8. Great pics, thanks for posting them. Still never been to a Salute.



  9. Great pics Tamsin, looks to have been an impressive show.

    Cheers, Ross

  10. Greate picture AAR of Salute !!!

  11. Great photos Tamsin... Good to see the show from the other side before the rabble were let in! Lol.

  12. Great photos. Can't say a lot takes my interest in that lot though. Cool to look at but a lot of those eras/genres/scales I wouldn't buy. However that's my opinion today. May change tomorrow. cheers

  13. Thanks for posting these. Good pics of the games and some games not shown on certain other blogs. I am very interested in the "Chicago Way" game and game board. That is something I could get into!

  14. Excellent report and pictures! Looks like a great show! Maybe one day I can make it over the channel! Thanks for sharing!


  15. Looks like it was fun! This is on my bucket list to do, but I'll need to save a lot as it will also be a HUGE trip to England. The tank museum, Tower of London, Hadrians Wall, the regimental museums, .... ;)

  16. Great pics, thanks for sharing! I´d love to be there!!!!

  17. Thanks for posting these, the benefit of your press pass paid off!

  18. Thanks for posting these. I have never yet made it to Salute. So nice to see the games. Chicago Way appeals. It looks the sort of game I could achieve. The others look great though.

  19. Thanks for posting these. I have never yet made it to Salute. So nice to see the games. Chicago Way appeals. It looks the sort of game I could achieve. The others look great though.

  20. Thanks Tamsin you make me feel like I should have gone ! Great photos and some interesting ideas. Thanks

  21. Some great photos Tamsin, that queue was pretty awesome. With only about 40 minutes to run around before the doors opened you've lots of pics of things I didn't see.
    Only consolation of running a trade stand is you don't spend too much!

  22. @ Henry - thanks! There are a lot of games I didn't manage to take pics of as well :)

    @ Martin - tiring perhaps, not exhausting! :)

    @ Michael A - I had my own press pass this year, hence the early entrance :)

    @ Fran - cheers! As opposed to the improper press, aka Ray? ;)

    @ Jonathan F - thanks! There were several that made an impression which makes it hard to pick a favourite :)

    @ Miles - one of these years you'll manage to coordinate a business trip to coincide with Salute :)

    @ Ray - cheers! You have go to ;)

    @ Pete - thanks! :)

    @ Ross - thanks! Salute is always impressive, if only for the sheer size of the event :)

    @ Whisk - cheers and boogie-boogie! :)

    @ Dalauppror - thanks! I did try to find you, but you were off on a wander when I went to your game. Maybe next year? :)

    @ Lee - cheers! Weren't you one of the rabble? ;)

    @ Brendon - thanks! This is just a small selection of the games that were there - I'd imagine that some of the many I didn't take pics of would appeal to you :)

    @ Clint - cheers! The Chicago Way is based on the mechanics of Dead Man's Hand so should be quite easy to pick up if you've played that. It should be quite easy to pick up even if you haven't! :)

    @ Peter - it is a great show, but perhaps too big for the short time it's open. Well worth making the trip across the Channel though :)

    @ David B - thanks! Well, you'll just have to start saving up now! :)

    @ RMacedo - thank you! :)

    @ Zabadak - thanks! Getting in a bit early was good, but with games still being set up you can't take that many pics before the floodgates are opened to the deluge of gamers :)

    @ Jon - cheers! Chicago Way should be quite easy to get set up - the 4Ground buildings are pre-painted so just need assembly; you only need a handful of figures for each "gang" and you can buy suitable vehicles off Ebay if you don't fancy assembling and painting resin ones :)

    @ dannoc - thanks! You should have gone! :)

    @ Graham - cheers! There are lots of games that I didn't see until people posted pics of them :)