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Sunday, 3 April 2016

AHPC6 Entries - Choson Koreans

Time for my fifth round-up post. Today I will be showing off the additions to my 15mm Choson Korean army. I'm now well into the fourth box file for this army and have a plan to add still more.

During the last Challenge I'd submitted a pair of command stands and a bunch of warrior monks for the Righteous Army element that can be fielded in FoGR. Which got me thinking - how about building a complete Righteous Army for Imjin War games. After all, there were many battles against the Japanese invaders that only involved the Righteous Armies. OK, so they were small battles, but nonetheless...

So, this year saw me bring the start of that plan to fruition, with three Righteous Army submissions and one submission for the regular Korean army.

I kicked off with a Righteous Army command stand. With two mounted commanders, this will be the CinC.

Next up was the start of the main bulk of my Righteous Army infantry:

The third submission was some irregular Korean cavalry. These can be used with the standard lists in FoG:AM and FoG:R.

I finished off my Choson Koreans with some more command stands for the regulars:

I've almost got enough figures to field two armies for a "What if?" civil war. Towards the end of the 16th Century, there was considerable animosity between the various factions at court which *could* have developed into a full-blown civil war. Even after the Japanese invaded in 1592 there was bickering and a lack of cooperation between them.


  1. I know NOTHING about this army except what you post so It is good to see it expand. As Loki Says "Impressive work!"

  2. I know NOTHING about this army except what you post so It is good to see it expand. As Loki Says "Impressive work!"Site lié

  3. These guys are my favourite of your armies and I always look forward to seeing any new additions you make to it.

  4. Wonderfull and colorfull painted army!