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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Challenge Day 91 - Paint Table Saturday #19

Having skipped the last couple of these, here is my contribution to

Click pic for link to Sofie's post

The last time I took part in this, I had just started work on my buccaneer commanders and dragoons. I'd also made a start on my entry fee figure for the Challenge.

The latter did get finished and entered for the Favourite Character bonus round. Before I send him off to Curt I need to do a little bit of touching up and give it another coat of matt varnish as some parts are still very shiny. The buccaneers, however, have only seen some progress. Painting these has stalled for now.

With only a few days left until the end of the Challenge, I decided today to make a start on painting up some more spaceships as these should give me some reasonably quick points to (hopefully) keep me in 5th place. These ships are the extras I ordered to upgrade my NAC from "Intro Fleet" to "Mega Fleet". There are 3 scout ships, 3 corvettes, 2 escort cruisers, a heavy cruiser, a battleship, a battle dreadnought and a super dreadnought.

So far, I've done the base colours and drybrushing of the hull. I'm hoping to get a couple more steps done tonight leaving just detailing to be done over the next few evenings.


  1. Very nicely detailed models and I'll they look even better when you've shown them your brush.

  2. Nice, work, Tamsin! I hope we can see your Mega Fleet out on a tabletop some day. 5th place out of 61 painters is a stellar finish.

  3. Looking good. All this stuff is making me want to paint some myself. Dang.

  4. Those ships look great - best of luck!

  5. Thanks for participating!
    Greetings, Sofie

  6. Thanks all!

    @ Dannoc - if you look back a few months you'll get an idea of how they'll look when I've finished painting them.

    @ Geordie - oh yes indeedy. The GZG ships are definitely cool.

    @ Monty - hopefully I'll get the mega-fleet into play quite soon

    @ Millsy - who doesn't love spaceships? Go on - you know you want to do it :)

    @ Miles - and best of luck to you as well. I think ours is the only contest at the top where it could go either way

    @ Sophie - and thanks for setting the ball rolling with PTS

    @ Darcy - awesomeness cannot be limited :)

  7. More spaceships = awesome. Great project you are working on Tamsin.