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Friday, 14 March 2014

Challenge Day 90 - Favourite Character Bonus Round

Yes, I am still alive thanks. I simply felt like taking a break from blogging.

Anyway, some updates are in order I suppose.

Mongol Command and Light Horse

Finished this evening, pics taken and sent to Curt.

Buccaneer Command and "Dragoons"

Not touched for nearly 2 weeks. I'll see what I can get done this weekend.


On Monday I played my 2 games for the first round of our club Saga tournament. I lost both thanks to atrocious dice rolls in both games (combined with unfortunate troop match-ups in the first). My Normans were facing off against Gavin's Scots.

Last night Simon  and I finally got around to playing a couple of games of Full Thrust Lite. I lost both from some unlucky dice rolls, but the second game could have gone either way until the last turn. I think a big problem was that we were playing on a 3' x 3' mat, which was too small an area to manoeuvre our fleets properly.

On Sunday I will be taking part in a multi-player  game of FoGAM organised by Gordon, pitting Spanish against Moors in the El Cid era. It should be fun.

Favourite Character Bonus Round

It's almost 2 weeks since the gallery was posted by Curt and nearly a week since the votes were counted, so it's about time I posted some pics of my entry here.

My Favourite Character was also my entry fee figure for this year's Challenge. I had decided to do Unteroffizier Feldwebel Rolf Steiner from Cross of Iron. I'd always found this to be a powerful film and a rare example in the West of showing WW2 from a German point of view. Many years after first seeing the film I read the book it was based on and this gave me an even stronger appreciation of Steiner's character. An NCO committed to his troops, despising officers (with the possible exception of Leutnant Meier), the officer class and everything they stand for he was a real leader of men trying to survive in a world gone mad.

Finding a suitable figure proved to be impossible, so I had to convert a figure (Warlord Games Waffen SS Officer with MP38) by means of a head swap (Warlord Games head in field cap), weapon swap (well, the front part anyway - a PPSh-41 from a Warlord Games plastic Russian Infantry Weapons sprue), hacking away some of the belt equipment, filing off shoulder straps and using green stuff to sculpt the front of a crew neck sweater and a hood for the smock.

I'm quite pleased with how the stubble effect on his face has come out.

I need to do a bit of touching up of the figure before I send it to Curt and to give it another coat of matt varnish (it's still very shiny in patches).


  1. A very nice entry that one Tamsin. As to Saga the Normans are a hard faction to play at first but when mastered are a complete B**tard to handle. Good luck at the weekend game and good to know you are alive and well :D

  2. Steiner looks excellent Tamsin! Very very nice work!

  3. Nice work Tamsin, though I have to admit. I do like the Fallschirmjäger character from "The eagle has landed" much more but I also know Cross of Iron and Steiner "well". Inspired one of the characters from my storyline :-D

    Well done!

  4. I'm not brave enough to attempt stubble yet. Well done and looking forward to seeing your point totals go UUUUUPPP!

  5. Nice work, indeed. Blogger breaks are nice to take as well. I kept thinking I am about to take one myself, but then I post anyway. I dunno.

  6. Well done.
    Your Steiner is more convincing than mine.

  7. What a grizzled, hard-bitten old soldier he is; you nailed it!

    My condolences on the SAGA results, BTW. I know that feeling all too well...

  8. @ Andrew - they're definitely not an easy faction to play. I'm slowly getting to learn how to use them

    @ Rodger - thanks :)

    @ Stargazer - the Michael Caine character?

    @ Anne - the stubble wasn't too difficult. It was just a careful drybrush of mid grey, very careful and light drybrush of light grey then a thin wash of flesh over it.

    @ Whisk - thank you m'dear. The break was quite nice.

    @ Dave - thank you! :)

    @ Seb - I think you were battling against a less than inspiring sculpt with yours and made a cracking job of improving it with your paintjob

    @ Evan - cheers!

  9. @Tamsin: That is correct. And I think, his name was also "Steiner" :-D