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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Challenge Day 95 - Final Final Entry Submitted

OK, so this is going out a few minutes into Day 96, but I've been rather busy this evening.

Curt has finally caught up with the backlog of submissions and my Mongols are now posted.

I've just sent off my final final submission, which is the NAC fleet.

I'm currently sitting in 5th place, just 18 points ahead of Miles. I'm hoping that I'll get enough points for the spaceships to counteract the points he'll be getting for his bonus round entry and keep me ahead of him. Unfortunately Ray has infected Fran with the Sandbagius budgiesmugglerensis virus which became evident with his completely bonkers entry to the final bonus round - about 250 15mm zombies, survivors and some vehicles. When the points come in for that entry he will jump straight ahead into 5th place.


  1. Good luck Tamsin you have had a cracking challenge

  2. Curse the sandbaggers in all their forms :-)

  3. Good look! May the Valkyrur watch over you ;-D. I believe in you^^

  4. You got a lot done in the challenge Tamsin. The Mongols looks great.

  5. What else do we expect but sandbagging in all it heinous forms!

  6. Those Mongols look fantastic Tamsin!

  7. Best of luck Tamsin, can you get cream for Sandbagius budgiesmugglerensis?

  8. Your challenge was very, very well done!
    A lot of nice stuff which pleased the eye.