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Friday, 21 March 2014

Challenge Entry #18 - Mongol Light Horse and Commanders

the fat lady has sung
the deadline has passed
Curt has counted the votes for the Last Stand and totted up everyone's final points
this year's Challenge is finally over*

*apart from the various votes for favourite entries

I'll be doing a full review of my Challenge this year on Sunday, but tonight ans tomorrow I am posting my final entry and my final final entry for your pleasure

My final entry** was a bunch of 24 Mongol light horsemen and a Mongol command stand of 3 figures. These were 15mm figures from Donnington Miniatures and netted me 108 points. These will be the start of a useful addition to my Korean army as they can be fielded as either an allied contingent or as mercenaries/auxiliaries as part of the main list. I'll also be painting up some light foot bowmen and some heavy cavalry.

So, here are the pics

** as in "these are probably my final entry" but which turned out not to be

Light Horse

Command Group

"That horse in the background has a funny looking head!"

"And a funny looking body and coat!"

"Oh, I see! It's a camel!!"


  1. This has been fun to follow. Would you do this challenge again?

  2. A lot of work here...Congratulations on a job well done! The painting of your miniatures here are excellent!... simply marvelous!


  3. Impressive work again, Tasmin!

  4. This was one of my favs from amongst your stuff. Love em.

  5. I really like these fellows, Tamsin! I really appreciate how you captured their nature in your basing. Really good work! ;)

  6. A beautiful army, very impressive!

  7. Very impressive Tamsin! Great work!

  8. More excellent work, I don't know how you stay motivated to paint so much!


  9. Great job Tamsin it looks fantastic

  10. Fantastic, Mongol light horse , Love the camel in a sheep skin coat!!

    Enjoy your weekend .

  11. The output and quality has been great, good to see you finish so high and strong


  12. Thanks everyone. I'm glad you all like them and I'm certainly pleased about how they came out.

    @ Whisk - this was my 2nd time in the Challenge. I will probably do it again next year.

    @ Yorkie - friendly rivalry with other Challengers helped with the motivation, even though I had a few dodgy patches during the Challenge this year where I ran out of steam.